Really dangerous! Jinhua man carrying a car banana water on the road

Really dangerous! Jinhua man carrying a car "banana water" on the road in May this year, Jinhua city administration, public security, transportation and other departments in a joint investigation of illegal transportation of hazardous chemicals vehicles. The ordinary truck was carrying a load of banana water, and two months, the smuggling of more than a dozen times. Investigation on the transport of dangerous chemicals undocumented cases, is the criminal law amendment (nine) after the implementation of the province’s first investigation in violation of the provisions of dangerous chemical safety management of dangerous chemicals transportation criminal cases. Recently, Wucheng District People’s court in this case public hearing in accordance with law, Safety Supervision Bureau of Jinhua city urban counties more than 30 law enforcement officers to attend the trial of the case. After the verdict, the two suspects Mr. Hong and Huang because of the crime of dangerous driving, were sentenced to two months detention, suspended for three months and fined four thousand yuan. Carrying a car "banana water" on the afternoon of May 18th at 2:15 PM, Jinhua city administration, public security, transportation and other departments early in the 315 provincial road and the intersection line. Set up, 5 minutes after the white van stopped a car license plate in G, according to a survey earlier safety supervision departments, know the car is a car "banana water". Law enforcement officers opened the van, the car was filled with a blue plastic barrel, barrel mark 180 kg weight, a total of 22 barrels, pungent taste is very strong. Subsequently, law enforcement officers in the car found a single document, is written in March 24th this year to May 16th shipment records, a total of ten single. Subsequently, law enforcement officers of hazardous chemicals transportation enterprises 22 barrels to the Jinhua Development Zone with a qualification, eliminate security risks. Law enforcement officers also took a small amount of liquid poured in the open ground, a fire burning liquid. Later, after verification, is a Pujiang County, a glue factory responsible person, the driver Hwang is his employment. From March this year to May, hung a knowing that he manages a license plate number of the van Zhejiang G license road transport of dangerous goods without obtaining license, also know that Hwang made no dangerous goods driver qualification case, Hwang repeatedly driving the truck carrying suspected dangerous chemicals "banana water". But Huang, without obtaining the corresponding qualifications, according to the boss hung a arrangement, drove to the Wucheng District of Jinhua city and Tangxi town double chemical products Co. Ltd., after each loading several barrels of "banana water," Huang Zhai Zhen Hai Tang Cun via Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Lanxi city and Pujiang Jindong County, and distribution to the crystal enterprise, transport a total of more than ten times, the number reached 50 tons, has been endangering public safety. With the transport of dangerous chemicals related to the "home" are not to be punished and the relevant departments to check, he often went out early in the morning, back at three or four in the afternoon, sometimes until seven or eight p.m. back again. Hwang also know that the transport of banana water is very dangerous, there may be a fire explosion, so deliberately put a fire extinguisher in the car. This dangerous behavior, Huang every month can only earn three thousand or four thousand dollars, but chose to rush into danger. The court held that Huang, in violation of the provisions of the safety management of dangerous chemicals on the road transport dangerous chemicals, endangering public safety, its behavior has constituted a crisis.相关的主题文章: