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Rental staging platform for personal information can easily reveal dragons and fishes jumbled together the original title: Rental platform staging dragons and fishes jumbled together to avoid leakage of personal information "and a pair of three", "a charge to pay six"…… For renters, this payment method is not uncommon, but just stepped into the society began to work hard for young people, there is still no small economic pressure. See the pain point of some of the net loan company to young people dished out an olive branch, the introduction of rental business. According to the "Economic Daily" reporter, the so-called rental stage, is the user need only "a charge to pay a rent by the enterprise surplus", a one-time payment to the landlord, but only users with the installment way to pay the rent on a monthly basis and the corresponding service fees to the enterprise can. What is the current development of the rental market? According to a recent report released by the financial 360 show: 90 to become the main force of the phased consumption of rent. Among the respondents, 71.9% said they know now can pay rent by installments, this new form of rent payment in urban white-collar awareness higher. Insiders said that the rent in first-tier cities to promote early stage, rental crowd of consumer credit concept is relatively new, high rents will make them more to reduce the economic pressure, this new way of staging housing will enter their line of sight. To further understand the respondents for the use of rental installment ", 28.5% said they used the rental stage, while in the remaining 71.5% unused rental installments of people, 44.5% said they are willing to try this way, accept the relatively low level. Do not want to rent the reasons for the stage, the platform is a major obstacle to compliance safety concerns. 30.41% of respondents worried about being cheated, the fear of information leakage of the 16.37%, in the era of big data, personal information protection is indeed a problem to be considered. Another 12.74% of respondents said the landlord is not willing to accept this way. On the platform of the charges, the reporter learned that the current market to provide housing staging business platform real commander, freely, staging, and fun will 58 monthly rent of net loan platform, the cost of a year were 2000 yuan, 2807 yuan, 1760 yuan, 550 yuan and 880 yuan. Among them, the year of the housing authority is because I love my family and other rental intermediary companies need to charge 1 months of intermediary fees, the room itself does not charge any fees, free of charge is the entire rent a year. In terms of annual interest rates, the above 5 platforms free of charge annualized interest rate is the highest, to 12.76%, but the platform itself provides free housing, the formalities are relatively simple. 58 monthly fee is the lowest annualized interest rate is 2.50%. It is worth noting that, in the platform of a late fee, although the real commander is "0 interest, 0 fee, but a late fee is the highest ranked second; is staging a late fee per day is 20 yuan; overdue fees freely, 58 monthly rent and interest are basically the same. According to data provided by the Ministry of housing and real estate market supervision department, the current theory of market leasing相关的主题文章: