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RMB into the basket, what benefits do we have? – Theory – people.com.cn drawing: Zhang Fangman spent overseas RMB more comfortable "want to buy buy, the flower is not realistic, but the use of resistance will be reduced, may exchange foreign currency conditions become loose" I hope after the accession to the SDR, I can use the RMB to buy buy buy at abroad." Zhang Yue of Beijing Language and Culture University says. She went to Russia a few years ago to travel, favorite paintings and many other items can not be purchased with the renminbi, looking for a place to change the RMB is also very difficult. "If in the future to use the RMB in the foreign point of convenience." Since October 1st, the RMB was officially incorporated into SDR (SDR) currency basket, the RMB has thus become one of the international monetary fund official reserve currency, which means that the international RMB will have higher expectations and more stringent requirements. Many domestic residents look forward to the yuan into the basket, the yuan spent abroad can be more comfortable. In fact, want to use the yuan in overseas "go, want to buy", now is not the reality, although the overseas credit card payment has become more and more convenient, but the use of RMB in cash can not do the flowers. Experts believe that the renminbi "basket", on the whole, the market expectations of RMB will increase, it will be a more stable and more widely accepted currency, people will have more confidence to hold RMB assets, and then reduce the wallets of pressure ", but let the outside vendors are willing to accept RMB cash payment immediately, unrealistic. Assistant president of the University of foreign trade Ding Zhijie believes that the RMB into the basket is conducive to improving its recognition and payment rate in the international market, the market will enhance the confidence of the renminbi. To a certain extent, it will reduce the resistance to the use of the RMB, foreign enterprises and individuals will also increase the degree of acceptance of the rmb. For ordinary people, the future of consumption abroad, travel, study abroad, the exchange of foreign currency conditions may become loose, more convenient procedures. For example, many countries do not support direct RMB exchange, must first be RMB into dollars, then converted into local currency; the future is expected to get RMB exchange directly in local currency, save the dollar link, to avoid the loss caused by repeated purchase. RMB into the basket for overseas investment demand is also a big positive. If the use of foreign investment and financing in the outside world, to better control the exchange rate risk. Moreover, the liquidity of RMB will be enhanced, and the transaction cost and financial cost will be reduced." Beijing, a cultural media company staff Liu said, I hope we invest in the United States, Europe’s stock, bond market, but also as convenient as domestic investment." In the past, Chinese citizens want to have assets overseas, we must use the dollar, domestic assets are also lack of international, but after the international portfolio choice and access to overseas investment opportunities will be more. With the international acceptance of the RMB in the international community, the international portfolio of Chinese citizens will become larger space." Ding Zhijie said. Bring new benefits to the enterprise international settlement and overseas investment more and more convenient, reduce the exchange rate risk management costs, increase enterprise ""相关的主题文章: