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Scotland declared independence referendum act – Guizhou Channel – original title to be released next week: Scotland announced next week will release a new referendum on the independence of the government of Scotland act chief minister Sitkin 13, said that Scotland will release a new referendum bill in the next week, to ensure that in the UK from Europe after Scotland to safeguard the interests of. Rochester announced the news at the annual meeting of the Scotland National Party in Glasgow on the same day. Sitkin said that if the United Kingdom as part of the future prospects of instability, Scotland has the right to reconsider the issue of independence, and will be completed before the formal departure of the eu. Rochester pointed out that the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU single market is not rational approach, do not have authority. Ignore the attitude of the Scotland parliament will be the destruction of the constitution act. In contrast to the attitude of Sitkin, British Foreign Secretary Boris? Johnson said earlier in the day, the EU single market is gradually lost its meaning, the British can borrow from Europe and the EU reached better trade agreement. September 2014, Scotland has held a referendum on whether to secede from the United Kingdom, with 55% opposed to the final result of the support of the 45% veto independent options. But Britain in June this year, when the referendum was held in Europe, 52% of the people in the United Kingdom to support the removal of Europe, and the voting results for the Scotland region was supported by the European population of 62%. Sitkin said after the referendum, the referendum results so that Scotland is facing the prospect of taking off Europe, contrary to the wishes of Scotland, Scotland will consider holding the second referendum on independence. ((Liang Xizhi): Chen Kangqing, commissioning editor Tu min)相关的主题文章: