Seven Tian really 59 anniversary of the fourth hit! # intellectual love live # cool open! Sohu – 66814

Seven Tian really 59 anniversary of the fourth hit! # intellectual love live # cool open! Sohu seven mother and daughter really hit the 59 anniversary of the fourth hit! In order to celebrate the seven Tian really 59 years old, but our teachers, versatile to the baby to open a wonderful live video ~ dear parents and friends the kids ready? Then seven will introduce a cluster of wisdom and value in one of the seven Yan Tian really worth looking forward to the teachers as well as the broadcast content? Eric 20:30 Eric live 9.26 night teacher teacher has been in the seven fields did English teacher for 3 years, he not only English, people are extremely handsome, and stretch blow well versed in singing! This time he will live for the kids with guitar, Chinese English song song, there is always love you and the baby was a! 9.26 night 20:30, fast and Eric teacher with music with baby Say Hi bar! Miao Miao teacher 9.26 night 20:30 broadcast of the teacher, but we are really big beauty of the seven fields of Miao Miao! The United States, the sound more beautiful ~ the live, she will tell the baby beautiful story, also will tell parents and friends how to read books usually to the baby oh, 9.26 evening 20:30, come and teacher Miao Miao swim with the story of the sea! Teacher Leo & teacher Cheng Anqi 9.27 Night Live 20:30 ^ Leo ^ & teacher; teacher Cheng Anqi this is a "two man" live show ~ haha. The famous Leo teacher is the hearts of many children’s "big star"! He’s going to teach you the magic of instant memory and memory, and you’ll find that your baby is actually more talented than you think! Mr. An Qi will bring very popular music courses for parents and kids, will increase the baby’s artistic creativity Oh ~ 9.27 20:30 later, and soon they about it! But the teacher 9.27 Night Live 20:30 hand piece but the teacher lively, copy writing is superb, ability is also very strong. The live, she will teach mother and baby to play clay. Cute little rabbit hair clips, there are a lot of small Meng Da plane badge Kawai things waiting for you to learn oh! 9.28 evening 20:30, come and play with Amauri teacher! Amauri? The teacher Meimei Da Tian Zhen CEO clay works seven Ma 9.28 late 20:30 (TBD) – Ma finally is we seven really CEO Tian Ma, to meet with you! Ma friends will be with parents to share some practical knowledge of parenting, parents and friends have what problem can also interact with the teacher MA in the live Oh ~ and broadcast them will have a sweepstakes, Ma teacher will be a small gift ~ award-winning lucky baby send exquisite 9.28 evening 20:30, fast and Ma teacher about it! How to watch live? You must know that! !相关的主题文章: