Shanda’s chief operating officer Zhu Jisheng has resigned stand by me shinee

Shanda’s chief operating officer Zhu Jisheng has resigned exclusive: Shanda’s chief operating officer Zhu Jisheng to resign in August 25th, "a mail" international finance news reporter obtained by reliable sources, Shanda’s chief operating officer (COO) Zhu Jisheng has resigned from the grand game. Data show that since 2003, Zhu Jisheng joined Shanda, served as a technical support center director, vice president of SDO, vice president of cloud computing, CTO, COO and other positions of grand game. Zhu Li announced Jisheng turnover at the same time, Shanda also announced the appointment of Tang Yanwen as chief of grand game producer, in charge of the company’s nine studio. Zhang Zaiwei was appointed Deputy General Manager of blood studio, is responsible for the development and operation of blood studio business. Statistics show that since 2006, Tang Yanwen joined Shanda, served as the rainbow island operational planning, marketing director, DOA project JX series product manager, product manager, the legendary 3 legendary studio producer, blood studio general manager. Zhang Zaiwei joined Shanda in 2006, involved in the development of EZ projects; 09 years to join the legendary studio, Mir served as project manager, technical process, main client technical director. Following last November to complete the privatization of delisting transactions, the contradiction between the grand game shareholders appear. First, due to the use of the grand game backdoor subject, the two largest shareholders in the velvet group and gravel fund launched a fierce competition, and then, Shanda’s management team will be transferred to the shares held by intime’s holding company. With intime department bureau, Shanda privatization road more rough, capital management including struggle. April 29th, Shen Guojun, founder and chairman of intime group directly appointed as a grand game CEO. In June 24th, the group questioned the legitimacy of the move. June 28th, the new CEO Xie Fei issued a personnel appointment, appointed Tan Yanfeng as vice president of the company, responsible for market communications, etc.. At that time, a close Shanda to "international finance" reporter confirmed that the veteran "grand" figure CFO (chief financial officer), Yao Li CAO (Chief Executive Officer) Zhang Jin and vice president Zhu Xiaojing, three people have to leave. Among them, Zhu Xiaojing is the initiative to leave, and Yao Li and the "removal" of the specific way and similar rumors, was forced out of the office of the." It is worth noting that Yao Li, Zhang Jin, Zhu Xiaojing 3 people is Shanda CEO Chen Department of people, that is to say, now, Chen spared was cleaning out. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: