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Shenhua Group to develop clean energy, Shenhua coal storage bunker to achieve a green "zero dead". Shenhua Group is China’s largest and highest degree of modernization of coal based integrated energy companies, is the world’s largest coal dealers. 2015, the fortune global top 500 enterprises, Shenhua Group ranked the first place, to achieve a profit of $31 billion 800 million, in the world’s top ten mining group, only 2 companies to achieve profitability, Shenhua ranked among them. Shenhua Group in the coal mining, transformation and other fields with independent intellectual property rights of the world’s leading scientific research. Coal mining safety, technology, equipment and efficiency indicators selected reached world leading level; level of emissions of major air pollutants for thermal power units is significantly better than the gas turbine set emission limits, "the world’s ultra low emission" leading technology, and through the national comprehensive inspection and assessment; coal chemical industry has a world-class high-end core technology, to fill the domestic a blank field. In recent years, Shenhua Group has undertaken 27 national scientific research project (project), 5 results of the two national science and technology progress award, 76 achievements by the provincial science and technology awards, independently produced 4 Academy of engineering, with outstanding contribution to the ability of scientific research and technology, in 2014 by the State Council awarded the "China industry award" honorary title. Facing the new normal economic development, Shenhua Group proposed the "1245" clean energy development strategy: "1" refers to aim at "a target", namely: to create a world-class supplier of clean energy and clean energy technology solutions provider; "2" refers to "two changes", that is: changing the concept of development, the transformation of development the way; "4" refers to promote the four development, namely: safe development, restructuring and development, innovation and development, harmonious development; "5" refers to the "five increase", namely: improving the quality and efficiency of enterprises, improve enterprise management level, improve the ability of internationalization, improve the enterprise soft power, improve the ability to fulfill the social responsibility. Coal combustion is not treated directly, low energy and high pollution and high emission; and after washing after upgrading, clean coal technology after processing, coal gas, coal oil, coal to olefins, can achieve the upgrading of traditional energy and efficient use of coal became green, high energy. On the other hand, grasp modern coal chemical technology, coal is simultaneously from a single fuel to the fuel and industrial raw materials, new coal chemical industry with coal gasification, coal liquefaction, lignite quality as the key, for the clean and efficient use of coal is significant. Shenhua Group with clean energy development strategy, the understanding and practice, leading China’s clean and efficient use of coal, the path is to achieve ultra low emissions". So, the development of clean energy, Shenhua has what advantage? One of the advantages of Shenhua: traditional energy clean. From the combustion of coal exploration, coal mining, processing, and transport of coal to coal, coal conversion, dispersion, the implementation of coal development and utilization and transformation mode of comprehensive reform, to achieve zero emissions of traditional energy "". Technical advantages of Shenhua Group combined with the resource advantages of Xinjiang, Xinjiang will promote the construction of national large coal base and "The Belt and Road")相关的主题文章: