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Shinco "the most expensive land" readme: who can understand my frustration? [Abstract] we do not have the ability to predict whether the future price will rise, but for us, the radical may be dead, do not take the ground will certainly die." Wen Guo and Zhang Qin in 8 at the end of the last day, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee and the "New Deal" rumor rumors two days later, Shanghai’s divorce registration hall still has a lot to buy a fake divorce. Near 4:30 in the afternoon after work time, a pair of white haired couples are hard to fill in divorce agreement. We are to buy a house for children to divorce." Like most couples, the husband with a pair of glasses is not too much to hide. Shanghai real estate trading center data show that in the last week of August, the volume has been more than 1000 sets, 29 days after the Committee lived in Shanghai and even new rumor rumors, 30, 31, turnover also soared to more than 2100 sets. Crazy behind the volume of transactions, is "the most expensive land around the Chinese frequent. August 17, 2016, the country’s most expensive to be born in Shanghai. Fujian Department of housing prices in Jingan District real estate transaction price of 11 billion 10 million yuan to get a piece of land in Shanghai,, the land floor price per square meter exceeded $100 thousand. This year, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Beijing, 6 cities have the king. Among them, the land price to buy Shimao property amounted to 8 billion 800 million, 2016 to become the king of Nanjing. Already depressed developers and carnival. Take this year, a city, the king of the real estate developers in the last day of August, to Tencent about its financial crisis, the developers of the helpless". Because of concerns that the views will have an impact on the company, the person asked to hide the name of the company. Scarcity brings high premium, we do not have the ability to predict whether the future price will rise, but for us, to take the ground may be dead, do not take it will certainly die. Falling prices can also sell plots, at all costs to shoot." At the beginning of the chat, asked why the high premium to take such a high price of land, the developers are very worried about the current shortage of land supply. You can go to statistics, this year and last year, the size and quantity of land transfer. On the real estate business, its production of raw materials is land, if there is no land, real estate companies can survive?" Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that in 2016 1-8 months, the country’s 50 largest cities total land area of about 720 million square meters of land transactions, compared with the same period last year decreased by 2%. Specific to individual cities, in terms of Shanghai, the first 8 months of 2016, Shanghai’s planned construction area of about 805 thousand and 700 square meters, down by 21.44%. In the financial letter to shoot the king after a week, the official website of the land market in Shanghai has announced the suspension of the transfer of three pieces of land. Reduction of the land area, is the catalyst for the fierce competition in land transactions. In the case of the government to sell land reduced, the real estate business is bound to face fierce competition for land, land prices will also be pushed up." The real estate people to explain their high price reasonable.相关的主题文章: