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E.merce If you have done any shopping on the Internet, chances are great that you have used an Internet shopping cart for the items you purchased. Websites use a shopping cart to make your shopping experience easy, and also to increase sales on the site itself. Speedy and intuitive online store software called a shopping cart is used to hold merchandise you are interested in buying. You may place as many items in the shopping cart as you wish. When you are finished browsing you checkout, just as you would in a brick and mortar store. At that time, the online retailer tallies up the prices of all your merchandise and requests a total payment amount. A shopping cart is an e.merce solution allowing a customer to purchase items on a merchant’s website. It is simple to use the customer only has to point and click, and the item will be sent to the virtual cart for checking out later. This helps out both the customer and the supplier, because they can just click and go, being able to browse more items so they tend to spend more money. This will boost profits and sales for vendors. The cart also drives sales by having a save feature. Shoppers often are unable to buy products on the spot when they are shopping online. They sometimes feel that the .puter is not safe, or they forgot their credit card. The carts save feature lets the customer save items in their cart and .e back to purchase them. Lots of carts will hold items for over a month. The great thing about the shopping cart is the totaling capability. Imagine how great it would be to have a calculating cart in the real world, keeping a running total of everything in your cart. This keeps you on track and also helps the merchant from a sales and marketing perspective. Many carts can also add sales tax and shipping charges as needed. This gives the consumer the actual total amount he or she is about to spend. One of the clever inventions that has revolutionized online shopping and has made it into the booming business it is today, it the shopping cart feature. It has proven to be invaluable for both the online shopper and the online retailer; with its ability to keep track of desired items and the total price it is very user-friendly and makes the purchasing process a quick and easy one for both sides. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: