Sichuan’s first coal gas production of methanol production line is expected to resume production of

Sichuan’s first coal gas production of methanol production line is expected to resume production of Lutianhua hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in Sichuan’s first coal gas methanol production line is expected to put into operation Lutianhua complex Securities Times reporter Yu Shengliang according to Aerospace Engineering (603698) and the official website of the Luzhou municipal government website news, Lutianhua coal gasification project in September 11th methanol output of qualified products, September 7th B coal gasification project Lutianhua coal feeding success. In recent days, the prices continued to be fired up, profits of methanol production also continued to improve, to stimulate the device to restart, and the end of the month before there are still many devices will continue to restart. The Lutianhua coal gasification project test success, just through the difficult period of coal and coal chemical industry, Lutianhua (000912) and therefore benefit. The full name of the project is Sichuan coal chemical industry park, Luzhou raw material structure adjustment project, with a total investment of 5 billion 600 million yuan. The project in Luzhou local coal as raw material, using space coal gasification technology of synthesis gas, formed a complete industrial chain from coal mining and coal gasification to downstream functional products. Lutianhua fertilizer and methanol, once the project production, will purchase their products. In fact, Lutianhua has launched a project, prepare for the use of coal gas. A notice of Lutianhua in June 2015 showed that the proposed investment methanol revamping device, including the Sichuan Lutianhua Luyuan alcohol industry limited liability company (LTH holding 98.46%) the local transformation of the existing methanol plant, connecting pipe gallery while the new Sichuan coal gasification and Luyuan alcohol industry company, Lutianhua, project total investment of 113 million yuan. Lutianhua, Luyuan alcohol industry companies due to rising prices and supply of raw natural gas shortage, began production in September 2014, the company with an annual output of 400 thousand tons of methanol in the idle state. After the modification, Luyuan alcohol industry company can change due to natural gas supply and the rising price of long-term production caused by the estimated annual revenue 1 billion 80 million yuan, total profit of 23 million 375 thousand and 300 yuan. The industry website, Lutianhua with an annual output of 400 thousand tons of coal methanol device has been driving the device running temporarily stable, not price. Luzhou Chemical Industrial Park coal gasification restructuring project (LTH gasification projects) and Lutianhua deep roots, but at the moment, and never mind lutianhua. Lutianhua in order to realize the structural adjustment of raw materials, the development of coal chemical industry, in August 2007 1 by the Sichuan provincial development and Reform Commission approved the construction of coal gasification project, completed by the end of 2009 the preliminary land leveling work. In June 30, 2010, the Sichuan provincial office meeting: led by the Sichuan Chemical Industry Holding Group, and as investors established Sichuan gas into a number of large enterprises, the construction of the main Lutianhua coal gasification project change to Sichuan coal gasification. The production cost of 27 million 570 thousand yuan transferred to lutianhua. May 2014 Chemical Holdings will hold 52 of Sichuan coal gasification相关的主题文章: