Snake major combat trader secret burst games to create zngay

"Snake major combat" trader Secret Game explosion how to create the original title: "snake major combat" trader secret explosion models to create 2016 second explosion models products to combat big snake, early operation Faceu years, pushed up the snake war again, small company small cost operation the amount of surplus products, two operations a dreamy killer APP for your company at the market strategy. This is an era of the worst face of Internet entrepreneurs, mobile users demand market is mature, saturated, in the business of a batch of army fell at the same time in the first half of this year in addition to live fresh products into people’s eyes, snake dengbang let people return to the market. Snake fight and Faceu two products like, first light, a wide range of users; second magic, entertainment properties is obvious; the snake is awakened after 80 NOKIA era memories and help find 90 ball war like fun, Faceu is the video and video stickers beauty tools play just perfect. And the founding team began to discuss the product slither in April and May in foreign countries has been very fire, do not have the same domestic similar products, the first version of snake developed to play under the experience is good, the development team hope that the market can have better performance. Snake game can wake up most of the 80’s memory, mild, casual entertainment game audience is very broad in recent years, the market growth is obvious, for this product we have to resolve how to do. First of all, this product is now in what position? First, a wide range of audiences, 70 after all, this game has no user circumscribed, and the men and women also do not have what difference. Second, the market performance of similar products, did not meet the performance of foreign markets. Third, the number of competing products product performance in general, fluency and operability is not as big as the snake battle now. Audience wide range, the game is light, if you can mobilize the desire to share and participate in the enthusiasm of the whole chain can be opened up, the virus can be detonated for the product. The next product market strategy: the first step, looking for user communication, which is a kind of product. In the search for the appeal of the product and communication context, we grab the key words related to the description, looking for ways to communicate. The routine of the snake game definition of "toxic metamorphosis of the game, others eat excrement and body grow up", "easy Dutch act game, too long invincible loneliness" magic poisoning playing games can not extricate themselves these two kinds of forms and the form of communication is more in line with user expectations. Arouse their curiosity and player’s desire to play. The second step, test data and channels. We have been doing new media marketing, unconventional market channels, we are better at the time of the test channel is divided into two steps, the first step of the conventional guide channels, the second step of the virus transmission channels. Conventional guide channel we chose the WeChat public number, select two real fans at the level of millions of micro signal (the main user group is a student), do a soft Wen guide. The first data reading performance, exposure time in 20W about the transformation of tens, this game for the first time in the iOS list 5.相关的主题文章: