Stock index opened 0.06% two barrels of oil, led by the concept of free trade zone lightscape

Stock index opened 0.06% two barrels of oil, the concept of free trade area led Phoenix finance news September 8th 9:25, Thursday morning, the stock index opened at 3089.95 points, down 0.06%. The Shenzhen component index opened at 10830.05 points, down 0.08%. Gem opened at 2211.39 points, down 0.03%. Figure plate, the Hangzhou Asian Games, two barrels of oil today, the concept of strong performance; the concept of free trade area also has a good performance; graphene, beautiful China and other theme stocks decline in front. Figure 1. Important event & data [Chinese foreign reserves for the second consecutive month fell to the lowest level since December 2011] China’s foreign exchange reserves in August of $3 trillion and 185 billion 170 million, is expected to $31900, the former value of $3 trillion and 201 billion 60 million. China’s foreign exchange reserves fell $15 billion 890 million in August, before the value of $4 billion 150 million. China’s 8 month end of foreign exchange reserves of 2 trillion and 284 billion 350 million SDR, at the end of 7 for a total of 2 trillion and 297 billion 331 million SDR. The Bank of England governor: [UK] space to cut interest rates further to the Bank of England governor Carney: the Bank of England will be in two weeks for corporate debt purchase market guidelines, the Bank of England has space to cut interest rates further if necessary. The Fed’s Beige Book economic activity in the 7-8 month moderate expansion, most of the region is expected to moderate growth in the next few months. U.S. crude oil inventories in the United States in September 2nd when API -1208.5 million barrels of crude oil stocks, is expected to -8.3 million barrels, the former value of +94.2 million barrels. [Saudi Arabia and Russia on frozen production differences] Saudi oil minister Al-Falih said that with Russia agreed to coordinate joint action to stabilize the market, there is no need to freeze production. Russian energy minister Novak said that Russia is ready to join the freeze production decisions. Two. International: [stocks] the Dow Jones industrial average was down 11.98 points, or 0.06%, to 18526.14 points; S & P 500 index fell 0.33 points, or 0.02%, to 2186.15 points; the NASDAQ index rose 8.02 points, or 0.15%, to 5283.93 points.     [European stocks] British shares FTSE 100 index rose 0.3%, CAC France shares index rose 0.61%, Germany DAX shares index rose 0.62%. Three: 1. Domestic steady growth adds new momentum to rush to the rescue trillion PPP G20 Infrastructure Investment Summit, China will promote the role of fiscal stability in the economic agreement, and promised to introduce the PPP model to the local government. On September 6th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, deployed in key areas and weak links with big short board efforts to increase efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy, focusing on the use of government and social capital cooperation mode, and then to focus on the community and promote a number of cash flow, a stable return expected project, further liberalization of investment restrictions the field of infrastructure. 2 public fund "heavily" layout of commodity futures we are looking forward to the birth of ETF agricultural products, strategies have been well evaluated." September 3rd hosted by the big business and Galaxy futures 2016-20.相关的主题文章: