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Strengthen the innovation by single point in the new pattern of Nubian domestic mobile phone technology Sohu – a few days ago, I was invited to Huizhou to attend the 2016 Chinese mobile phone innovation Week activities, honor and Nubian vice president Ni Fei met, chatted this year continue to throw the Nubian concept of innovation and technology, but also made a brief exchange on the current domestic intelligent mobile phone pattern, some thoughts to share with everyone. After three years of technological innovation in the field of industrial innovation in the smart phone industry, it is inevitable that the industry will be a technical bottleneck. Ni Fei believes that for now the mobile phone industry, imaging technology, battery technology, artificial intelligence has become the most important constraint in the development of mobile phones three technical difficulties. But mention the Nubian continuous innovation and Research on these three points, Ni Fei seemed full of confidence, he said the Nubian have independently owned more than 4500 patents, which is the core of more than 4000 patents, the number is constantly being refreshed nubian. The past has been the main mobile phone photography and display technology in two areas. Mobile phone photography, I had from other mobile phone bigwigs private chat get feedback, more than one person said: "mobile phone photography really do nubian". From the "SLR" in the mobile phone to "mobile phone expert", change the Nubian completed professional photography to professional photography and convenient operation. Display technology, from Z9 to Z11, regardless of the borderless design or in the design of FiT human-computer interaction has a new change. This is by virtue of its subversive technology without borders won many important awards in the industry by overseas media ANDROID AUTHORITY named BEST OF IFA 2016 ", won the highest award China mobile phone, swan award, and won the Southern Metropolis Daily" new generation power list "innovation of the year award. This year, the Nubian do the best efforts is absolutely the battery solution, daily use like just listing the Nubian miniS can support 3.51 days a charge, to help users get rid of a full day off. Ni Fei said that since the smartphone era, most mobile phone manufacturers will focus on product development to add new functional areas, but ignore the single point of breakthrough innovation can also differentiate products R & D. So these three technologies once at any point to complete the breakthrough, the mobile phone industry will be completely subverted. The mobile phone industry innovation is to strengthen the function expansion by single point transition due to the mobile phone industry in the field of innovation continuously encountered technical bottlenecks, mobile phone manufacturers continue to touch the ceiling, even apple is also very difficult to break through. According to KGI securities is expected 2017 first quarter iPhone shipments will be 40 million to 50 million, the data is lower than the same period last year (the Apple Corp second quarter of fiscal year 51 million 200 thousand). Recently, the media have exposed Apple will likely increase bright white color version of the iPhone7 models, and it is in order to boost sales, really dumbfounding. Now in the new market structure, the major mobile phone manufacturers began.相关的主题文章: