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Sun Yanzifang responded to the scene of the accident: a cold opening change horse Stefanie Sun Golden Horse Award Stefanie Sun awards concert over the scene of the accident Sina entertainment news although the fierce competition for the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards Awards, but the performance of too much attention. Just music veteran Stefanie Sun [micro-blog] a mouth out of tune, broken sound, instantly become the scene of the accident, let friends stunned. In this regard, the universal records quickly responded that Stefanie Sun attaches great importance to the performance, but unfortunately a cold yesterday, "rehearsal reporters has found that she caught a cold, but she also admitted that from Monday to cold, but still according to the original plan to Taiwan, but try to." During the awarding ceremony, Stefanie Sun as the first to help the guests to play sang "my world", "Over the Rainbow", "Quebra" and other songs. However, sing the first song "the stars in the sky……" After, but does not allow us to hear the familiar voice and singing style of Stefanie Sun, but instantly become the scene of the accident, not only out of tune with broken sound, even from A to Z feel breath is insufficient, resulting in the treble part only by falsetto rushed, arrhythmia level also so users have wonder what is up with her. In this regard, Stefanie Sun belongs to the universal music quickly responded, "Cameron received the offer, for more than two months, from the repertoire, the band arranger to show, with music director discussed for a long time, but also study and children about the movie, like Taiwan’s" beautiful "and so on, to do the very heart of the plan for the show. During the rehearsal yesterday, the reporters found out that she had a cold, but she also admitted that she had had a cold since Monday, but she still planned to come to taiwan! I hope that we can support these intentions, like all of the guests, with support horse feast determination in the mind, do not want to be put out." (hot Youth Literature) (commissioning editor: vhaha) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: