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SunPower help, Total will develop 200MW solar energy technology is not only the traditional form of Sohu! Multinational oil companies Total (TOTAL) new business in recent years to actively invest in the petrochemical industry outside of the traditional energy and new energy are also classified as investment development goals. In cooperation with the American SunPower, Total announced that it will invest $300 million in the development of the global solar energy. Gas and renewable power (Total Gas, Renewable & Power) cause President Philippe Sauquet believes that the investment and development of solar energy is a major factor in the company to further become a responsible energy supplier. Total will work with SunPower, the solar power generation system in the next 5 years in the global 5000 service station set 200MW, investment of $300 million. Philippe Sauquet pointed out, 200MW solar system, each year will be available for the Total 100 thousand tons of carbon emissions, and reduce electricity costs $40 million. The cooperation with SunPower, will be able to provide more efficient, more competitive clean power. (by EnergyTrend authorized reprint; first figure source: Total) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: