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Taiwan media: Taiwan mainland tourists reduced tourism million people in the rain on the new September new network in the street in 13, according to the Taiwan roar – "United Daily News" reported that the Cai Yingwen administration took office, mainland tourists reduced 40%, Taiwan administrative department released 30 billion yuan although (NT, the same below) to save tourism, but the industry believes huanbujiji. Taiwan tourism personnel 12 days for the first time in history the streets roar, travel agencies, tour buses, tour guides, catering and other industries more than 11 million people in Taipei (near Taiwan leader Kay Road Office), the tourism industry has been closed off bluntly tide, the Taiwan authorities no specific measures, the end of the year may be thousands of layoffs. 12 people from Taipei, Huashan, cultural and creative park walk to Kay Road, went to the Cai Yingwen office to submit a love letter, put forward the demands of the 12. Protest long stretches one kilometer, wore "survival", "to work", "food and clothing" cloth; think of the future of the industry also cried on the spot. "Stand up today because you can’t see tomorrow!" Taiwan tour bus Association full council chairman Lu Xiaoya said in the past, the Taiwan authorities told them to tour every year increase, in order to create millions of tourists; now many touring car driving have been unemployed, "how to live?" Zhang Yanyu, a senior guide after the death of a liver cancer due to marriage, a person to raise two children, rely on the land is to support the whole family. The first group of mainland tourists due to collapse of frozen Genesis travel agencies organize themselves in the parade, the tour guide Chen Jiancheng said that mainland tourists reduced to Genesis without warning collapse, 40 guides were arrears, he was owed 650 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: