Tao fan group selection of 20160918 questions – Sohu maternal and child (video) bleep

Doctor Tao fan group selected 20160918 – Sohu answer 1, Shanxi maternal @ blue wheat: baby this time some diarrhea, eat a week of Smecta and mommy love nothing effect, stopped drugs, still pull the green Baba, three or four times a day, how can the normal DPT injection, Dr. Tao Lina: Thank you can 2, Hubei @ Mom: Excuse me, doctor Tao gold baby is now one year old, but also with rotavirus vaccine? If vaccination is domestic or imported? With other vaccines (at the end of August hit second hand foot mouth needle) how long vaccination? Can be vaccinated with influenza vaccine at the same time? Looking forward to reply, thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: you can inoculate ah, the importation of disease vaccine needs to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan vaccination, can not go to the vaccination of domestic. It can be inoculated at random intervals with other vaccines, preferably with simultaneous vaccination. 3, Guangdong @biang: combined vaccine and Japanese encephalitis vaccine, because of negligence, the leak to a final, until it has been more than a year, I make now, have influence on the effect of vaccine? How to remedy? Dr. Tao Lina: to replant it, other issues considered useless. 4, Shanghai @ He Xiaobai: Dr. Tao, hello! Does hand foot mouth disease cannot fight with other vaccine? Community hospitals do not want to fight with the flu vaccine, said only to fight alone? In addition, the baby a year and a half of hand foot and mouth disease can be vaccinated? There is no need to vaccination? Dr. Tao Lina: can be vaccinated with any vaccine. 1 and a half years old baby is still recommended vaccination, over the age of 5 is not necessary. 5, Fujian @ youngja: 1 Hello doctor tao! The baby is due to eczema, hepatitis B second needle full of only 2 months to play, that is, a month delayed, that the third needles need to be postponed for a month? 2 the baby in his arms and legs from time to time there is a slight relapse of eczema, if not careful, vaccination needle stuck in a slight rash position will have adverse effects on the baby body and inoculation effect? How long does the 3 round of the problem and hepatitis B need interval? Is it possible to have a wheel shape due to vaccination? Dr. Tao Lina: hepatitis B vaccine third needles, still in June age vaccination. There is no evidence that there is an adverse effect of vaccination at the site of eczema, but we all agree that vaccination should be avoided at the site of eczema. Round disease vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine can be inoculated at any interval. At present, there is no evidence of a round disease vaccine that causes diarrhea in the world, but in theory it is possible, but the vaccine usually causes a slight infection. 6, Beijing @ chawuciren: consult the Beijing area community hospital for group AC meningococcal conjugate vaccine by March were inoculated to each agent, at an interval of 1 months were vaccinated 3, the optimal inoculation method. According to the group A polysaccharide in June, the age of two vaccination in September. Whether I can accept 6 September, inoculate AC group with 3 at their own expense, then 6 years of age and the dose 1 meningitis 4 valent polysaccharide vaccine. Or 6, September age will not play for free at their own expense, then 3 years old and 6 years old respectively vaccinated 1 meningitis 4 valent polysaccharide vaccine? Which of the two optimal vaccination programs should be selected? Thank you, Tao li.相关的主题文章: