Taobao 11 double play to the global Kobe and fruit sister join cancam

Taobao double play 11 global Kobe and Perry joined Phoenix technology news has now entered the November, the biggest problem is not the North nor south of the winter heating, but failed, the upcoming double 11. Screenshot 11 double is approaching, the electricity supplier industry raging like a storm. Liu Qiangdong had accepted the interview with "Forbes" in Asia, said the Jingdong will achieve profitability, to release a strong signal to the market; Suning Electric build retro commercial city; Dangdang also choose delisting at this time, as if all the news is cannot do without electricity two words. A double 11 How can no Ma Yun thing, this is not his message is: just retired from the Lakers legend Kobe · Bryant and Perry Katie · Perry will join Taobao double 11 carnival. An official account of the Alibaba posted the Ma and Kobe intimate photo, with the text said Kobe will join Taobao double 11, and also the fruit sister circle. It seems that Taobao is planning to double 11 to complete the global program. Of course, if Taobao in the double 11 put Kobe into the ranks of the spike, it is estimated that the server can not support Alibaba. We look forward to Ali’s double 11 party.相关的主题文章: