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Taurus and 6 days 5 nights with actress – Sohu tourism trip opened in the northern snow season. Choose to travel this way, for the reason of infinite yearning and respect in the age, the age and the Internet age is also an important symbol of human evolution. Today night navigation technology have developed? How to live in the sea? The other end of the sea is what style? What is the sea and rivers to accommodate much mind…… On the other hand, the South China Sea, the sea is the source of life on earth, to parade way in the boundless sea drift, are able to evoke nostalgia Tethong Jun? With these questions, and finally in the beautiful sunset on the Star Cruises virgo. Standing on the deck at the moment, on the wooden fence, light Tao shore, humming "sad the Pacific Ocean", the South China Sea visual depths, suddenly a wide sea diving bottomless ambitions welled up, imperceptibly the role for the Columbo, Jack, Lu fei. The gentleman is mystical Taurus Tsering research minded person, like all new things, find the new way of tourism and the discovery of the new continent the mood, there is unrestrained freedom and wind! The first day: Sea Kingdom parked in the port of the virgin star far see is a beautiful white building in all cruise blockbuster dramas, boarding is a very urgent atmosphere and sad parting scene. However, today from the ship down to greet a merry band of our resolve, this atmosphere, walking in their play tropical island style, seems to be "happy" washed again, who instantly fatigued by a long journey. Of course there are those who smile just perfect crew, health services are showing enthusiasm and patience, the same mind relaxed. VIRGO: 75338 tons displacement length 268 meters 32 meters wide at the South China Sea customs actress with uniform 40 kilometers per hour, slowly southward, around the sea based, ship has become a barony, guests turned into nobility, handsome prince and Princess body biochemical service! Amanda ‘s Bar accompanied by nightfall, the boat began to warm up, the musicians playing cheerful and can follow the slip tone, surprise and wonderful continue to emerge, diffuse, diffuse, people don’t care from Eurasia sorrow. The second day: start the Happy button to open the excitation mode if you are a super chowhound regardless of direction, here you can enjoy six meals a day gluttonous dinner night. From the Japanese to Han Xuan, from the Taj India buffet to private dining room, all top chefs gathered, restaurant and bar size 21. The 7 floor of the Central Hall Fitness control on the ship is also difficult to have leisure, outdoor swimming pool, Appollo hot springs, the universe of the gym, the interstellar deck also prepared a basketball court and golf…… , there are quiet reading room, children and youth activities center, duty-free shopping, Cara OK room, all kinds of clubs…… The Mediterranean buffet restaurant a little red trail appearance: Arthur Master Skynet相关的主题文章: