Thailand T600 sports version of the grand listing of Suzhou area!

Thailand T600 sports version of the grand listing of Suzhou area! In August 28th, Zotye T600 new modified models, Zotye T600 sports version of Suzhou area listed will Jianbang exhibition in Kunshan held a grand launch of the new car, with luxury, enjoy the distinguished type and type, the flagship, a total of 11 models, and equipped with 1.5T 2.0T turbocharged engine, 5 speed manual or 6 speed the dual clutch gearbox DCT. The price range of 9.58 to 149 thousand and 800 yuan, the details are as follows: the wonderful moment picture Zotye leader Jianbang the general manager spoke to witness T600 sport activities listed time highlights of the conference, Zotye T600 sport fashion appearance, dazzling interior stunning the audience, in the real-time simulation demonstration of professional instructors, to highlight models clearly, a variety of high-end configuration after another exposure decryption, shift knob, LCD panel, night vision system, panoramic camera…… The audience from time to time issued a sound of surprise. One of the high-end configuration: electronic shift knob to abandon the traditional mechanical shifting device, the electronic shift knob way more accurate, the shift is more accurate, the operation is more simple, just turn the knob and can complete the gear switch, comparable to the luxury SUV benchmark brand Land Rover automobile. The high-end configuration two: mobile phone wireless charging T600 version is equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging function, do not even need a data line, you can complete the charging of mobile phone, solve the outside and forgot the data line, embarrassing situation watch mobile phone shutdown. The high-end configuration three: full screen LCD color LCD instrument dazzling combination of large screen, multi-function display interface and cool picture effect, filling technology fashion, visual effect is outstanding, compared to the traditional instrument more colorful, according to the driver’s preferences to adjust the instrument style, not only shows the effect of the interface is very outstanding, level, design level and luxury models of the same level of experience with not much difference between leapfrog technology, you experience the cool life science and technology. The high-end configuration four: Car networking by visiting the TYE-NET official website, download the APP mobile phone after installation can realize engine start and stop operation, air conditioning is opened and closed, including remote diagnosis, remote control, navigation, security, information, value-added services and other functions of the six systems, covering more than 20 subdivision service project. Five: high-end configuration 10 inches large LCD display the largest 10 inch LCD screen, integrated MP3, MP5, USB, radio interface, navigation, intelligent mobile phone connection, Bluetooth voice control and multimedia display, full-featured, contains almost all the functions, under normal circumstances, we often use the practical operation, entertainment. The high-end configuration six: infrared night vision function by infrared camera in front of the vehicle detection, identification of 80-150 meters in front of the heating body information (human or animal) and detection image direct feedback to the car navigation screen in real time, remind your vehicle to avoid. The seven step: high-end configuration trunk induction opening in the rear bumper below is equipped with sensors that can automatically identify the pace of moving to open the box cover, do not need to rummage key, don’t even need to press the backup door 9相关的主题文章: