UnCategorized If you are considering a nurse, you may already realize how .plex and often .plicated the wide and various duties of a nurse can be. Each of the literally hundreds of different and important tasks that a nurse performs each day are critical to patient care and must be performed with precision and confidence. As you study and learn these tasks you may find yourself doing them in your sleep as you go over and over them so often that they show up in your dreams. This is how vital it is that you focus on every detail while in school and on the job. The Demanding World Of Nursing Nursing is one of the most .plicated and intricate fields of endeavor in the medical profession. It is also very rewarding. In fact, many nurses would say that it is the most rewarding branch of service in the whole of medicine. Nurses perform many .plicated and simple procedures everyday that help the sick and injured to heal, such as… *Administering or dispensing medications *Development of a patient care plan and educating the patient on its intricacies *Knowing and .municating the nuances of patient aftercare *The exact science of inserting intravenous lines without inflicting undue stress upon the patient The Core Of Patient Care These are but a few of the often .plicated and often immediately needed procedures that the nurse must be able to perform without being micromanaged or told when it is necessary. These procedures, along with monitoring vital signs and working in close conjunction with doctors and other medical staff are the core of patient care and can be the difference between life and death. Vital Medication Delivery Administering medication is one of the most important and detail oriented tasks that the nurse will undertake. It must be carried out correctly and precisely every time and without fail or patients could be.e sick or die. Each dose must be given precisely as ordered by the physician; however, a good nurse will go beyond this and pay careful attention to the medication prescribed to catch any medication discrepancies made by weary physicians. While it does not happen often, a doctor who has been working excessive hours over a period of days may prescribe a medication that adversely reacts to other medications the patient is on or may accidentally prescribe the incorrect dosage. A Very Rewarding Area Of Expertise Nursing is still a very rewarding experience even with its .plexities. Often, it is this .plex nature that very often makes the job so worthwhile. If you are the type of person who has the ability to focus, multitask, and enjoys a challenge, then nursing is an excellent career choice for you. This is especially true if you love to work with and for people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: