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Health Everyone wants to know if there is some sort of antiaging secret they may be missing out on. And in reality, if you dont know much about the fight against aging, there very well may be. Because an antiaging secret may not work as well for some people as it would for others, it is important to remember just because one antiaging process doesnt work for you, doesnt mean another wont. Keep trying by implementing one antiaging secret at a time to determine whether it is something that works for you. If it works, you can proceed to ad another to your list of secrets, but if it doesnt work you know you can drop the secret with no loss and move on to the next until you do find what works for you. The secrets in this article may not seem very secretive, but many people dont think about such things when it .es to antiaging health. Increase Your Vitamins One antiaging secret that is more well known as every day passes is to increase certain vitamins you take as you age. For example, as we get older our bodies stop producing as much vitamin D as we need, making it necessary to increase our vitamin D intake through nutritional supplements. Vitamins B-6 and B-12 are also very valuable nutrients our bodies lose as we age. By making sure we increase our nutritional intake with these vitamins, we ensure a higher value of living. Eat Your Vegetables Eating vegetables may not seem like and antiaging secret, but in reality many people do not realize just how important eating all the vegetables you can eat really is. With the exception of a couple of things like avocados and olives, vegetables have no fat or cholesterol. This is something most other foods cannot boast about. So instead of eating meat and potatoes for dinner with a side salad that is drenched in fat soiled dressing, try eating a vegetable salad lightly tossed in low fat oil or dressing of your choice. If eating nothing but vegetables is something you just cannot bare to do, use this antiaging secret while adding meats and potatoes and other favorite foods in moderation. This will help to keep cravings at bay while still offering you the many nutritional antiaging benefits as if you were eating nothing but vegetables. Most fruits are just as healthy as vegetables so to mix up your daily intake of these nutrients, add a fruit salad of watermelon pieces to your diet. Many fruits are also an excellent alternative to sugary and fatty desserts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: