The Beijing marathon in January struck the child only 300 places to apply as soon as possible-poper

The Beijing marathon in January struck the child only 300 places to apply as soon as possible to the child marathon in January 7, 2017 11, the Beijing marathon child — the second Beijing wild duck lake snow (half marathon) — will be fired in Beijing Wild Duck Lake National Wetland park. Since the start of the second Mustang since the start, by the majority of the support and attention of running friends, the rapid rise in enrollment. As the year of the monkey last registered track and field events, only miss the Mustang next year. It is understood that before the closing time, the remaining 300 places. Also see buddy to apply as soon as possible, opening soon. The Mustang for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics gift for the event: highlights a lot of the largest ice marathon 2: the largest ice marathon, 2022 snow flying together to bring you unforgettable, the new upgrade of winter marathon memory; blend with ice and snow, the wetland in running: far from the sea Tuo wearing snow a wild duck, close together, across the lake, one of the frozen reeds in gold and silver…… Let you instantly picture; the child Beijing marathon, challenge your limit: -10 C + C =-20 iced the cry of the wind is the ultimate experience, one of the four Beijing air uninterrupted raging north wind, let you in the history of the cold winter in my heart to embrace the wax at the beginning of the month ten in Beijing, new experiences, new track; full closed accessibility: no longer is the 4 ring half marathon races, new track from the original focus on running into the wild duck lake wetland park around the entire run, reducing the round troubles, on his way through the wild duck lake, reed marsh, the scenery is more diverse; light pig rabbit leading members, metrosexual man: our courage and leading members of no ordinary rabbit, but the rabbit light pig! Imagine, in a world of ice and snow, 14 rabbit streaking led you ran out of their satisfactory results, is not to think about it xuemaibizhang? China athletics event registration: second Beijing wild duck lake ice marathon for China athletics registered events, all players score, enter Chinese athletics official database. So many bright spots, your heart? Well, the last 300 places, wish to apply as soon as possible, first come first served. Registration link: register reg_races Yeyahu? Guest_register=true相关的主题文章: