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The best partner in Jeju eating & play (the end) – Sohu D5 tiger from the volcano tourism cities & folk village tiger from the volcano is not small attractions, but general tours are not likely to. Located in Jeju City Town Bridge in Chaotian No. 38 mountain area, we continue to take a taxi to the bus station, from the city to go by bus. The tiger is a circumference of more than 2 kilometers of the volcano, is a natural object of protection. Details can be seen in the attractions of the signs. The main gate of the scenic area were written three Chinese characters "Ying Feng door" in late March, the weather has been to the spring, the trees have not germinate, bare spots are not many tourists, domestic tourists is almost no mountain is a large grassland, not what high-rise buildings can be seen far away. What few people, but the scenery is unique, the domestic has not seen. The tiger does not leave is actually a circumference of more than 2 kilometers of the volcano, 650 meters in diameter, 100 meters deep. May be time to the right, the bare volcano view is more general, it is the mountain grassland in Hangzhou has not seen this scenery, also very has the feeling, is a good place to take photographs. We bought a green tea ice cream in the scenic spot at the entrance, taste good. However, the village before the site, after the shop, play, then arrange for a long time, unless you bring their own food, because there is no restaurant. From the attractions, originally wanted to take a bus to the city folk village, met an enthusiastic taxi driver, price is not expensive, just a taxi in the past. The towns folk village is a free attractions, is located in the foothills of Hanna, there are many cultural heritage, well preserved the ancient village of the original, protected by the South Korean government. There are not many tourists here, but Chinese tourists are few. The houses here are very low, and it is said that the natives here will receive a government subsidy every year, so that they can continue to live here. It looks so simple. I don’t want to live with it. Here also filmed the big long today in the kitchen scene, so Lee Young-Ae’s pictures are also here to do publicity. Jeju Island is famous for its black pork. It can be seen in the folk village. Roadside trees are very distinctive. Rape flowers are open. We are looking for a shop to eat some lunch, a restaurant wearing simple aunt Korea recommended Jeju Island features to our roast tilefish, sweet and sour meat dishes, the taste is very general, and I also practice Chinese cooking cannot analogy, roast tilefish simply bake it, too what’s the taste of spices, fish is fresh and sweet. The food here feel more simple, more primitive, and occasionally eat once it does not matter, let me eat every day really do not eat.相关的主题文章: