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The bride said a month late husband return detect cancer marriage room to save his wife: "we’re not the wedding, she still owes a wedding ceremony and travel." Staring at the sleeping new wife in bed, Chen Pengfei shed tears. Since his wife was diagnosed with advanced cancer, he has been running between the hospital and his family, "as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will not give up."." Chen Pengfei said. Modern Express reporter interviewed that, Chen Pengfei and his wife Zhu Yue received marriage certificate only 1 months later, his wife found cancer. In order to save his wife, he started fundraising, has raised 130 thousand love money. Lively and beautiful Zhu Yue after many chemotherapy, hair fell out, love small guy encounter beautiful love, Yancheng guy Chen Pengfei, 26 years old, one year older than Zhu yue. In 2014 June, by introducing students, two of them met, and at first sight. "Yue is a lively, beautiful and caring girl."." Chen Pengfei’s heart gradually captured by Zhu Yue, brave expression of love, Zhu Yue accepted his pursuit, the two became a pair of enviable lovers. After nearly 2 years of contacts, in February 15th of this year, Chen Pengfei and Zhu Yue received marriage certificate, formally entered the marriage hall. "We decided to take a wedding picture in April, set the wedding banquet in June, and laid down the honeymoon schedule." Chen Pengfei and Zhu Yue are full of vision for the future. Heartache license a month, his wife found cancer however, let all friends think that the couple’s marriage ceremony is not held as scheduled. "March 14th is the day of roommate’s wedding, and I went to Yangzhou to attend the wedding with wyatt." Chen Pengfei said that the university students and the Yue son no more than two years, several classmates said Yue son became too thin. Careful Chen Pengfei thought, Yue children digestion seems not very good, cold wind will vomit, should go to check the body. On the night of March 14th, they drove back to Yancheng, and on the second day, Chen Pengfei took Zhu Yue to the hospital for examination. "When you do the gastroscope, you can see the black ring tumor through the lens, say, late gastric cancer. I was covered!" What makes Chen Pengfei sad is that in the treatment of the first people’s Hospital in Yancheng, it has been found that the tumor has been transferred to the ovary. In order to let his wife get better treatment, in March 20th, Chen Pengfei took his wife rushed to the Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, experts found the treatment of gastric cancer, to do a routine examination early, "experts said, because the cancer cells had no metastasis, surgery, chemotherapy is recommended." To return to save his wife from the marriage room, Chen Pengfei took his wife to go up every 20 days of chemotherapy of cancer. "My heart hurts. I wish I was sick."." For six months, Zhu Yue every chemotherapy, Chen Pengfei looked increasingly emaciated her, all in the side silently tears, "the most beautiful Yue son, hair eyebrows off.". Look at her sad, my heart is broken." Modern Express reporter learned that Zhu Yue real estate sales before the sick after quitting the job, Chen Pengfei is also the second-hand housing agency, the couple do not have a fixed income, before the doctor spent nearly 20 million was raised by both parents. "I have booked the marriage room away, do not know how much to spend later." Chen Pengfei said, recently, doctors have studied Wyatt’s disease!

新娘领证一个月就查出癌症晚期 丈夫退掉婚房救妻“我们还没拍婚纱照,还欠她一个婚礼仪式和旅行。”凝视着在床上熟睡的新婚妻子,陈鹏飞流下眼泪。自从妻子被查出癌症晚期以来,他一直奔波在医院和家之间,“只要有一丝希望,我都不会放弃。”陈鹏飞说。现代快报记者采访得知,陈鹏飞和妻子朱悦领取结婚证仅1个月后,妻子就查出了癌症。为了救妻子,他发起了筹款,目前已筹到13万爱心款。活泼美丽的朱悦在多次化疗后,头发掉光了相爱 小伙邂逅美丽爱情盐城小伙陈鹏飞今年26岁,比朱悦大一岁。2014年6月份,经同学介绍,他们两人相识,并一见倾心。“悦儿是个活泼美丽有爱心的女孩子。”陈鹏飞的心逐渐被朱悦俘获,勇敢示爱后,朱悦接受了他的追求,两人成了一对让人羡慕的恋人。经过近2年的交往,今年2月15日,陈鹏飞和朱悦领了结婚证,正式步入婚姻的殿堂。“我们定了在4月份拍婚纱照,定了6月份的婚礼宴席,还定下了蜜月日程。”陈鹏飞和朱悦对未来充满憧憬。心痛 领证一个月,妻子就查出癌症然而,让所有亲友想不到的是,这对新人的结婚仪式没有如期举行。“3月14日是悦儿大学室友结婚的日子,我与悦儿到扬州参加婚礼。”陈鹏飞说,大学同学与悦儿两年多未见,好几个同学都说悦儿变得太瘦了。细心的陈鹏飞想到,悦儿的消化好像不太好,遇到冷风还会呕吐,应该去检查一下身体。3月14日夜里,他们驱车赶回盐城,第二天,陈鹏飞就带着朱悦去医院做检查。“做胃镜的时候,通过镜头能看见黑色的环型肿瘤,说是胃癌晚期。我当时就蒙了!”让陈鹏飞伤心的是,在盐城第一人民医院治疗时还发现,肿瘤已经转移到卵巢。为了让妻子得到更好的治疗,3月20日,陈鹏飞带着妻子赶到上海复旦大学附属中山医院,找到了治疗胃癌的权威专家,在做了前期的常规检查后,“专家表示,因为癌细胞早已转移,没法手术,建议进行化疗。”坚守 退掉婚房全力救妻子从此,陈鹏飞带着妻子走上了每20天一次的化疗抗癌之路。“我的心很疼,多希望生病的是我。”半年来,朱悦每次化疗时,陈鹏飞看着日渐消瘦的她,都在一边默默流泪,“最爱美的悦儿,头发眉毛掉光了。看着她难过,我的心也碎了。”现代快报记者了解到,朱悦之前做房产销售,生病后辞去了工作,陈鹏飞也是做二手房代理的,小两口没有固定收入,之前看病的花费近20万都是由双方父母筹集的。“我已经把预订的婚房退掉了,后期不知道还要花费多少。”陈鹏飞说,最近医生研究了悦儿的病情,改变了治疗方案,希望采用基因筛查寻找靶向药治疗,这也是目前唯一的办法。“靶向治疗的费用高昂,我们这个家庭难以承担。”即便如此,陈鹏飞也不愿放弃一线希望,他于近日发起了筹款,希望借助社会的力量拯救妻子,目前已经筹集了13万元爱心款,“悦儿的病情不容乐观,但25岁的她人生才刚起步,我不会放弃,我还欠她一个婚礼和一套美丽的婚纱照。”扩展视频:与原文无关 癌症新娘自曝已是晚期患者:只有微笑才能战胜疾病!相关的主题文章: