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The college entrance examination syllabus has become multi   on the "brush" will be more and more difficult to get high marks in Jiangxi channel, 2017 college entrance examination syllabus has changed! Examination center of the Ministry of Education issued a notice in China education examination online, solicit opinions on the basis of the examination center, organized experts to amend the 2017 common entrance examination and approval syllabus and exam notes, the forthcoming. According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of education examination center can be seen, the revised content of the various disciplines announced, there are still relatively large changes. The concern is that from the new syllabus, English did not appear to modify the content. But the examination content in various disciplines and comprehensive arts comprehensive changes of the influence, big and small. At present, there are more than and 200 days from next year’s college entrance examination, the college entrance examination syllabus or what? For the candidates, and how to deal with the content of the examination exam? High school students and teachers, parents are most concerned about, said in a statement, the Chinese practical text reading was set as a compulsory content, literature reading text; mathematics elective module "reduce geometric proof" selecting etc.. In addition, the announcement also said, in order to highlight the educational orientation, increase the assessment of excellent Chinese traditional culture content of the syllabus. For example, in the Chinese language to increase the content of ancient cultural knowledge, in the Chinese language to increase the classical Chinese, traditional festivals, folk and other content, increase the content of mathematical culture in mathematics. The A syllabus changed what changes? Without demur content from the designated key examination center of the Ministry of Education announced the subject details are formally issued in 2017 common entrance examination syllabus and examination description language 2 elective module variable pay more attention to reflect the compulsory basic and comprehensive optimization of Chinese subject, examination content, examination adjustment module, comprehensive test language proficiency and cultural literacy. 1 ability to design the subject, pay attention to the higher level of thinking ability, such as appreciation evaluation ability. 2 to increase the amount of reading, to examine the information age and college talent selection requirements of rapid reading ability and information processing capabilities. 2 elective module 3 provisions of the current examination syllabus respectively "literature text reading" and "practical text reading", students are required to choose 1 answers from two selected questions in. The revised syllabus will cancel the examination mode, "literature text reading" and "practical text reading" as a compulsory content. 4 in the "ancient poetry reading" part of "to understand and grasp the common ancient cultural common sense" content of the test. Delete elective module "geographical natural disaster and prevention" the current syllabus requirements of 3 elective modules respectively, "Tourism Geography" and "natural disaster and prevention" and "environmental protection", requiring students to select 1 modules from 3 modules. Revised syllabus to delete "natural disaster and prevention" module. Candidates from the "Tourism Geography" and "environmental protection" module optional 1 modules to answer. The four ideological and political examination objectives more clearly on the subject "acquisition and interpretation of information" and "mobilize and use of knowledge" to describe and explain things "and" demonstration and inquiry "four ability assessment objectives analysis of the content of the revision and improvement, supplementary test)相关的主题文章: