The domestic corn market in autumn coolness is getting stronger!

The domestic corn market in autumn "coolness" is getting stronger! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! At the beginning of September after Lionrock attacks, with more precipitation, the main producing areas of the temperature is gradually reduced, change the Northeast summer corn market rapidly, also feel the "coolness", especially the price of corn in North China down. On the one hand, the current Jiangsu, Anhui new season corn has been sporadic listed, Liaoning tide started a small grain set in Hong Kong, Xinjiang corn harvest and began sporadic bid for southern areas, Shandong and other parts of North China corn market to make up the stage a few supply gap, the corn market has been running high potential; on the other hand, the policy of starving on overweight again early on, the temporary storage of 20 million tons of corn on the market today in 2014 started the implementation of the message, where the auction, to a certain extent, the market supply pressure increased again. In addition to grain put in a further policy starving outside, recent deep processing enterprises in Northeast China is expected to receive a new corn subsidies acquisition rumors of renewed until now although the news has not been confirmed, but from the performance of this week corn futures prices, is undoubtedly bad. Specific analysis is as follows: the northeast areas will enter the new grain "enjoys a season" in September, the northeast part of the acquisition of new grain processing enterprises have Kai Cheng, September 5th Liaoning starch factory opened 14% new grain purchase 1700 yuan tons of water, such as Montenegro early maturing varieties began to harvest. With the passage of time, some areas of Heilongjiang and Jilin Early Maturing Maize will also be listed, the northeast region also will gradually enter the new grain "enjoys a season". It is understood that the trader to purchase and sale of temporary storage auction and corn rotation out, many enterprises use to auction or grain procurement policy, maintain the stability of the factory gate price, no amount of arrival. The growth of corn, before August 30th after the start of the accumulated precipitation round of precipitation to the East and southern Heilongjiang, Jilin, northern Liaoning, southeastern Inner Mongolia and other places more than normal 1-2 times, the whole northeast into the new corn dough stage, to make up for the precipitation drought impairment yield co.. North China corn prices again ascribed down it is understood that at the beginning of September in North China corn deep processing enterprises purchase price again "high" to fall, as of September 6th, 14.5% moisture corn deep processing enterprises in Shandong Weifang factory 1910-1970 yuan per ton, down 10-20 million tons of enterprises; Hebei Shijiazhuang 1820 yuan per ton, compared with last week fell 10 Henan Hebi 1860 yuan per ton; tons, with basically the same as last weekend, analysis prompted its price drop: one is the amount of Spring Maize in North China, listed Huang Huai increased the amount of amplification, the factory door; the two is half a month since the temporary storage of corn and directional auction arrived in succession, supplementary inventory is three; summer corn market hours more approaching, corporate procurement cautious; four is the 2014 annual temporary storage of corn helps replenish market starving. The policy of grain market last week for temporary storage of overweight相关的主题文章: