The economy must be developed to serve the people

We must serve the people of the economic development of sina finance (WeChat public opinion leader column No. kopleader) column mechanism of Qin Shuo friends author Qin Shuo if our entire growth back to more people-oriented, pay attention to people’s experience the happiness of the starting point, then we should pay more attention to green development, improve the people’s livelihood issues, and medical school the problem. If you do not solve the problem of people’s livelihood security, GDP growth faster, people’s happiness is not up. The economy that has to develop to serve the people is at the time when we have the strongest production capacity and the highest amount of wealth in the world. But people’s happiness does not seem to increase, or even weaken the deterioration of the potential. This is why? One reason is that although the economy is still growing, but the growth rate dropped significantly. The International Monetary Fund in October 19th released the latest "world economic outlook" report pointed out that the British and European Economic and political system and lead to the uncertainty of the world economy increasing downside risks facing the global economic growth is expected this year and next year were 3.1%, 3.4%. Look at the figure ten years ago – 2004 global growth of 4.9%, an increase of 4.5% in 2005, an increase of 5.1% in 2006, an increase of 5% in 2007 – the growth rate down a significant level. After the global growth, the U.S. financial crisis in 2008, the European sovereign debt crisis in 2010. Today, the financial crisis and economic crisis – employment crisis – social crisis – national crisis – geopolitical crisis "is a sequence of context, the world never get rid of the haze. Although the China global growth leader, could not escape the influence of the general trend, from the beginning of the second quarter of 2010, the growth rate down. Incidentally, the rise of populism, isolationism, anti globalization and anti free trade and strong leader, is a by-product of economic crisis. Another reason for the weakening of people’s well-being is that the gap between rich and poor will lead to a relative sense of deprivation". People are not satisfied with the absolute improvement of their condition, and will be compared with others. For example, according to the latest statement Chinese the Ministry of housing and urban construction minister Chen Zhenggao, now Chinese urban per capita housing construction area reached 33 square meters, rural per capita housing construction area of 37 square meters. Please compare the two figures in 1978 were 6.7 and 8.11988 years are between 13 and 16.61998 years are between 18.66 and 23.32008 years are 28.3 and 32.4. Improvement is amazing, but people are still not happy, especially those who have discovered to buy, buy a house, and so long out of hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth". The growth rate is not happy, the gap between rich and poor is not happy, this is the root of our two unhappiness. In this article, I will change a point of view, the growth rate down, it is not necessarily means that the decline in happiness, given some observations and thinking. On the differentiation between rich and poor, I will be another相关的主题文章: