The exposure of ten big problems of automobile service 20 yuan ” small problems ” to 3200- mia farrow

The exposure of ten big problems of automobile service: 20 yuan " small problems " 4S stores 3200– car — original title: exposure of ten big problems of automobile service: 20 yuan " small problems " 4S 3200 stores to console a key failure, 4S shop to replace the entire control system must be required fee plus hours, up to 3200 yuan, the final consumers in the ordinary electrical maintenance department spent 20 yuan to fix. Today morning, China quality promotion will be exposed ten big problems of automobile service field, "car three" difficult to implement, parts of high price, big medicine, minor repairs with replacement, time cost is higher, to allow consumers to shop "4S Voices of discontent". – 1: new car sales to car insurance bundled "unspoken rule". In addition to insurance profits, to attract owners maintenance has become the main purpose, once the accident repair, 4S shop in the repair of danger after the appropriate repairs and improve than usual hours fee. Quality Miles pointed out that consumers have the right to choose the right to purchase insurance, 4S stores have no right to violate the wishes of buyers or other additional unreasonable insurance conditions. – 2: the sale of test drive car accident. Consumers have complained that in March 2015 to buy a Volvo car imports in Beijing yuan wo 4S stores, sales manager told the car only lasted for half a year, only do test, without any collision and any accident. But this accident that consumers at the time of renewal, the car was in danger, the amount of claims 45196 yuan. As of now, Volvo and auto 4S shop is still in mutually making excuses. Question 3: the phenomenon still exists. Popular models of individual 4S shop still need beauty package to increase lift car or buy 4S shop. Question 4: private car modification sold to consumers. Unauthorized modification phenomenon showed "low" to "high", parts of poor quality, without the national compulsory CCC certification and licensing of manufacturers. Some spend thousands of Yuan conversion fee, fare 349 sell, serious violations of consumer rights, and caused great security risks. Question 5: the car is difficult to implement the three package. Some enterprises in accordance with the regulations provide customer service and 4S shop service; some use the terms of the king, must be required throughout the maintenance in the specified 4S shop as the owner, and can not be delayed; some unreasonable reasons will be forced out of the right owners enjoy three bags; some manufacturers, 4S shop customer service procedures do not issue any mutually making excuses. Until three, the delay time, packet maturity also failed to solve the problem. Question 6: does not indicate the difference between deposit and deposit. Consumers often have to buy a car to pay a sum of cash, is sometimes written "deposit", is sometimes written "deposit", deposit and the deposit although only one word, but the legal consequences arising from their is not the same. The so-called deposit also known as margin, with legal effect, and the deposit can be regarded as advance payment, no legal effect. Popular summary of the difference between the two is: the deposit can be returned, the deposit is not refundable. Question 7: high price of parts monopoly. There is a consumer to buy a brand car,相关的主题文章: