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The fall of Tang Yan Zhao Liying airport have been contracted to lead other sweater: a cold autumn rain, after the beginning of autumn, with the continuous rain temperature also decreased, while the wise fashion people early in the quietly updated wardrobe, wearing a little cool summer coat a little early in the season, a warm but not enough so thick sweater just good! Tang Yan, Zhao Liying, Liu Wen, Yang Mi and other fashion students have recently to sweater style appearance, they are all the other basic airport contracted so good to wear sweater, as soon as you can start to update your wardrobe! (source: Ruili nets) Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Liu Wen early will wear the appropriate thickness of sweater sport sweater, loose type, youth, is the Autumn Age circles "carry target". It is no wonder that the female stars are almost N pieces of manpower, energy and age do not wear. Go to school, commuting, sports, travel, sweater all hold live. Of course, you can also be as happy and Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in charge of sisters sweater. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenne sweater since such a fire, please look at the stars of the other to buy buy buy sweater, with a bit of inspiration for you! Tang Yan Tang Yan Tang Yan Sweater Hoodie sweater other other other but Tang Yan "hundred-percent sweater control", even if the summer did not let the other frequently sweater sweater, the airport and the printing contract, letter of loose sweater is Tang Yan’s love, the most photographed. The basic collocation black stovepipe pants or skirt, with slender legs is very fashionable. Zhao Liying with "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" again with field force ring powder Zhao Liying, with the popularity of the dress is not the meal progress soared. The other is fashion sweater recently soared. Zhao Liying Airport street. She wore high ponytail, wearing gold mirror sunglasses, wearing a pink mask, wearing a black KENZO Monogrammed sweater, shoulder Prada Robot black collage backpack, under Pierre Balmain a bright purple skirt, white letters on printing thick soled loafers. Zhao Liying, before the advent of the capital airport, Zhao Liying. She wore half ball head, wearing black sunglasses, wearing a gray striped sweater, with black leggings, Chanel foot white sneakers, carrying CHANEL black diamond chain bag. Less decoration and unnecessary design, such as Zhao Liying and leisure style. Yang Mi Yang Mi Yang Mi is the living example more girls, of course, how can a small sweater it girl! Yang Mi and Tang Yan like other sweater very much. The two other sweater let Yang Mi well received. Young girl Liu Wen in August 15th, DAZZLE Fashion of the Shanghai show, singer Na Ying and DAZZLE Fashion launched NA BY DAZZLE crossover design series, Liu Wen circle of friends to support. Liu Wen day wearing NA BY DAZZLE series black tassel sweater, under a grey wide leg pants. Loose × loose wear law, Liu Wen also no pressure. And, extending from the cuff 9相关的主题文章: