The first in the United States by the end of the delivery line Subaru Impreza-plants war

The first Subaru delivered Impreza Phoenix Automotive News in the United States at the end of the   line; learned from the official Subaru before the first new Subaru Impreza factory in Indiana in the United States official line, also due to the increase of the vehicle entry and market demand in the United States, Subaru factory in Indiana by the end of this year when the annual production capacity of 21800 units from increase to 394000 units by March 2019, with a new three SUV line put into production, its production capacity will continue to increase to 436000 units. For Subaru Impreza, the model is the production assembly in the United States for the first time, this is because the U.S. market for this type of increasing demand for. Learned from the parent company of Subaru Japan’s Fuji heavy industries, Subaru series of vehicle sales in the United States has been maintained for eight consecutive years of rapid growth, and thus for the sought after market Impreza in the production plant in Indiana is not only in order to meet the demand in the US, at the same time in order to further consolidate the Canadian market. The new Subaru Impreza is held at the end of March this year officially unveiled at the New York auto show, the car Subaru global platform to build on, compared to the old models, the new car’s length and width were increased, but the body height was reduced, but the car also further reduce the drag coefficient. In addition, the wheelbase of the new car has been increased, the interior space has also become more spacious, especially for the back of the degree of ride comfort has been greatly improved. The top model configuration also increased many, including 17 inch wheels, headlights, 8 inch LED infotainment system, six to the electrical control and driving seat leather seats. As for the power, the new Impreza is equipped with a newly developed 2 liter four cylinder engine, the maximum output power of 152 horsepower is divided into 6000 points, the peak torque of 196 cattle • m.. The transmission system, the matching between engine and 5 speed manual transmission or CVT, while the new models will be equipped with four-wheel drive system. In addition, learned from the relevant channels CVT version of the vehicle will be delivered by the end of this year, while the manual version is scheduled for delivery early next year.相关的主题文章: