The Golden Eagle Award nominated actress announced finalists bear strength Ruiling entertainment Soh douke

The Golden Eagle Award nominated actress announced finalists – Ruiling bear strength actor Xiong Ruiling Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently, Xiong Ruiling successfully nominated the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award actress, together with their finalists were Sun Li, Liu Tao and other famous actor. In addition, the star of the "Mekong major" and "ordinary world" was also nominated for a drama award. Xiong Ruiling works have won affirmation, with the strength of interpretation: on value cannot be equated with "Yan competent actor", only to afford these five words. Xiong Ruiling was born in the beautiful Xinjiang, the Central Academy of Drama has been performing the Department of director of the Department of teacher Jie Jie and director of the Department of Ma for the professional performance of teachers, to receive their careful professional training. After two years of professional study, the first to graduate with honors, and was divided into the Sichuan people’s art theatre actor center, is now a national two actors. In the performance, she has a vivid interpretation of the characters, full of fine emotional interpretation of the industry have been consistent. "The silence", "drug and lies in the classic role of popular elite", "Mekong major" in Chile dare female police officer Xu Jing and the "ordinary world" in the frustrated the tragic figure of Xu Aiyun, in Xiong Ruiling’s extraordinarily vivid interpretation of the fullness of dripping. Xiong Ruiling since his debut award frequently, by participating in its TV drama "Deng Xiaoping in 1950" and "Zhu De" Marshal won the 2000 Golden Eagle Award nomination, the nineteenth Chinese TV Golden Eagle Festival outstanding long drama award. Not only in the field of drama, Xiong Ruiling also has deep attainments in the field of drama. As everyone knows, the drama is an art form of extreme test stage performance, strength and rhythm are extremely difficult, but whether it is a small theater drama "sister", "mud", or "big drama zhuazhuangding", "fan" Xiong Ruiling’s performance in the Yangtze River, more than the charm at the same time, more domineering full. And because of the excellent performance in "Fan Changjiang" in the Sichuan Arts Festival won the Wenhua award performance award. People often say that "ten years grinding sword", this sentence is quite appropriate in performance. In this "Yan value, talent of the era, it is rare to adhere to the heart, sophisticated acting actor, but Xiong Ruiling cast this way always has its own insistence: Yan values can be used to enjoy, but can not afford to savor. It is only with the heart repeatedly polished character, can be handed down. For the Golden Eagle Award actress nomination, fans have sent a blessing: wish the success, not negative efforts.   相关的主题文章: