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The Hilary poll behind the zoom trick to attack Trump – Sohu financial   the U.S. labor day after the presidential election officially entered the final stage of the fight hand to hand with. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary from today to change the campaign strategy, active in the face of the media, and had stormed the Republican rival Trump. Taiwan in September 7th when the electronic newspaper quoted foreign media reports, in the latest polls behind Trump, Hilary took the initiative in the morning held a press conference, the media asked, anti avoidance practices in the past. Hilary attacked said, Trump’s career is full of fraud, and refers to its refusal to disclose its tax returns, there will be hidden". Hilary believes that if Trump is a real estate even, but to win the presidency. She believes that the American people should not let Trump have two sets of standard and false pretenses. Trump refused to disclose its tax information is absolutely wrong". Hilary was also asked about the "email" incident, and she reiterated that it has always said, "the FBI FBI has solved my email problem and I have answered all the questions. I’m not doing anything illegal." To change the campaign strategy and practice of Hilary, always behind her current Vice President Biden said today, "she knows where her problem". But after listening to her story, Biden gave Mr. Hilary advice: Hilary should talk about some of what she wanted to do, "she should" show her sincerity ", and her" why do you want to do"." Analysis reported that Biden’s implication is obviously does not agree with Hilary’s only focus on the full onslaught Trump’s campaign strategy game, and not make her "campaign beef" where. Biden said, this should be the most negative election in history".相关的主题文章: