The lazy workers can sleep for half an hour from the equipment (video) ssport

The lazy workers can sleep for half an hour from the equipment photograph: NODE as an office worker, Monday to Friday, every morning to sleep until the last moment get up in this life, stubborn, gave birth to the most lazy wear method: Dress + loafers! Where to spend half an hour to think about how to match? Now as long as two minutes. So, this means that the extra twenty-eight minutes can be used to sleep…… GucciAlessandro Michele Gucci last year in the first winter series, one of the most eye-catching items than Maomao lazy shoes – Princetown, the front is the classic loafers, the shoe side is the original "half", the conflict seriously and lazy to bring a different kind of fashion sense. The key is its convenience, let many people dumping, the fear of delay, the trouble times, it means that the emergence of convenient and time-saving, but also for the benefit of thousands of girls to work for the lazy, lazy, and fashion, dress and lazy shoes can wear it. Reformation Everlane conflict lazy and formal sense, quite elegant flavor, visual sense is quite warm and comfortable. Dress is very lazy, shoes can use bright colors as a punchline, the same color looks stylish comfortable, especially in "half baked", do not get tie buttons, really save a lot of time. Mango Gucci can also wear loafers on a slightly serious occasion? Certainly can. But we should avoid all let you look fancy factors not professional, shoes surface simple atmosphere, wool surface is actually more significant level. In the dress of choice, the profile of agile, well fitting clipping, dark stripes delicate unassuming. The same is beautiful and elegant dress, this suit as long as two minutes to Tory Burch / AldoGucci if it is a normal work day, or a good mood to work on Saturday to slow and not the casual style, with a kind of "the whole city is my home" leisurely flavor, especially recommended the neutral wind the girls try. New York fashion week 2017: Nicholas K Need Supply hot line hot dilute shoes Co slow and not the style can also be used in the whole body white, tassel elements capable of interesting against the "good pedal" leisurely, this lively breath to speak…… Quite suitable for the weekends, you can go shopping to see a movie after work, there is no sense of violation and. The different toe can bring different feeling, if the usual dress is feminine, you can choose the type of shoes above, used to dress or skirt collocation; if you usually wear the style of neutral handsome, that the toe may be more appropriate. When to buy a pair of shoes, we generally think of what kind of clothes they have, so that in order to better match the use of shoes, and not only wear a two time to waste oh. (please ignore me NODE nouveau riche) white shoes can take all the clothes, this is no exaggeration. If the upper body is more cumbersome style,相关的主题文章: