The man claiming to be the public security bureau deputy director of encourage others to fight ten m yuanjiao

The man claiming to encourage others to fight Public Security Bureau deputy director jailed for ten months – Sohu news Beijing Wenzhou in September 18,   (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Cang Xuan) 18, reporters from Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City People’s court was informed that the local man Lee drunk he was threatened and Deputy Secretary of Public Security Bureau, abet another Gang armed fights, resulting in 2 of the victims were injured. The day before, Cangnan Court concluded that since affray case, sentenced the defendant Lee in prison for ten months. The 35 year old Lee Cangnan County Department of money for the town in the early years, the Longgang Public Security Bureau police association had been a certain reputation in some social idle personnel". Weekdays to see him, the brothers are willing to call him a brother". March 26th this year, at about 1 in the morning, Lee in a bar in Longgang and Wang Moujia (already sentenced) and others drink. In the meantime, Wang Moujia found a year ago he bullied younger brother Wang Mouyi a appeared in the bar. As for the younger brother Wang Moujia to head, ready to beat a party. The defendant Li Mouze in the side to cheer, claiming to be the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, to settle a fight. After Wang moujia and the defendant Lee, together with Xiemou, Yang, Chen and others (are handled separately) to prepare machetes, steel, masks and other tools of crime, in the bar the door to chase a victim. The process of beating, Wang Moujia will come up Liu chopped. After forensic identification, Liu’s degree of injury was slight injury, the degree of injury to a minor injury criteria. After the incident, Wang Moujia and his family have reached a mediation agreement with the victim side, ryu. The court held that the defendant Lee ignore state laws, armed gang beating another person, vile, his behavior constituted the crime of trouble. The claim that "own department personnel of the Public Security Bureau, to settle the matter", to play a key role in the case, then made the decision.相关的主题文章: