The market can hardly be optimistic about the market outlook on quality stocks

The market can hardly be optimistic about the market outlook concern a week after the holiday is the high quality the first trading week, the first day of the festival start to bring a lot of popularity to the market. Then a few days to collect the sun is to give investors a lot of hope. Excellent investment Wednesday suggests investors market weakness appear, even if prices can go through a good start this week is barely in volume, shortly after the shock interval, whether it can really form a breakthrough, the key element is the incremental funds support. Excellent investment researcher also said that the stock market outlook continued consolidation trend. Concern over the short-term pressure, including amplification in line can break and the amount of energy. Investment opportunities, follow the policy focus, such as debt, PPP concept for stocks with good fundamentals, stocks continue to ferment space. In the absence of significant performance index, the local hot spots continue to be active so that the disk to maintain a certain temptation. However, the market operation is not so easy. How to determine the hot direction? Choose the opportunity to match stocks? Optimal daily operation strategy consulting reference [view] this week, the Shanghai opened in 3020.46, closed in 3063.73, volume 779 million 950 thousand, 1.96% amplitude range. Shenzhen opened in 10612.20, closed in 10759.68, 1.82% amplitude range. Index out of the amount of land, can grasp the shock interval to buy low sell high quality stocks, hot hot policy. Optimal investment from a macro perspective, insight into the hot market, analysis of capital movements, the layout of intraday opportunities. Abandon blindly, follow the trend of speculation, maintain independent thinking mode and steady operating rhythm! This week the excellent investment product performance is very good oh!     the optimal investment gold column in the October 10th announcement that Jianmin group, 4 trading days, the cumulative increase of 13.14%!     Li Peng shares and investment policy in October 12th that golden section, 2 trading days, the cumulative increase of 14%, the biggest gain in the range of 21.66%!     optimal investment tips section of the October 12th theme selection Hyde shares, 3 trading days, the cumulative increase of 28.25%!     optimal investment in October 13th will prompt the research of XinDa for real estate section, 2 trading days, the cumulative increase of 21.06%!     overall, prudent investors pay close attention to market Liangnengpeihe, strategic choice is still wait-and-see stage investment is a sound investment strategy; short-term investors control the position in the short-term technical indicators of high background, choose the right amount of a variety and can bargain. However, no matter what the market, the market is always a chance, as long as you are good at discovering. (excellent professional consulting team in-depth study so that the risk to a minimum) superior Institute of Finance – professional, innovative, rigorous! With investors, with our professional perspective tells the story of A shares. Every story bears the opportunity, attention and care, understand A shares, the opportunity is in your hands! (subscription and investment, stock ideas)相关的主题文章: