The National Day global tour of Hainan by holding the total tourism income of more than 5 billion 10 melia kreiling

The National Day global tour of Hainan by holding the total tourism income of more than 5 billion 100 million yuan data figure. Chu Hongyu, according to the Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Committee informed 8, during the National Day holiday this year, Hainan tourism market demand, supply is basically sufficient, the overall stability of the operation order. According to statistics, from October 1st to 7, Hainan province received a total of 3 million 502 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 99.08%, total tourism revenue of $5 billion 104 million, an increase of 43.13%. The total number of 156 million 265 thousand and 300 duty-free shops received 136 thousand and 500 passengers, an increase of 5.49%; sales revenue of $, an increase of 11.40%. Among them, Haikou City, 706 thousand and 800 tourists trips, tourism revenue 843 million 623 thousand and 600 yuan; Sanya 612 thousand and 300 tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 billion 207 million 203 thousand and 300 yuan; Qionghai 326 thousand and 800 tourists trips, tourism revenue 294 million 45 thousand yuan. According to reports, the National Day holiday this year, Hainan driving, family travel, leisure tours and eye-catching performance, new tourism industry of new products, the global tourism and high-end tourism products by holding the island tourism market is hot. The capital city of Haikou launched the national "10 1" new tourism products, namely, a trip, a hundred years old, across the board a volcano, a solution of the secret, enjoy a mangrove, eat a sweet wild seafood ten theme tour routes. Sanya major hotels, scenic spots, photography agencies have launched wedding tourism products, promote rapid warming wedding tour. Wanning Binhai flagship sports tour, Riyuewan dragnet fishing, bonfire and surfing the sea experience products touted. In addition, Danzhou cigar tours, Wenchang space travel, Qionghai rural tourism, Five Fingers Group forest exploration, Changjiang Qiziwan "passion play" sea travel, Qiongzhong Li and Miao culture experience tour also attracts a lot of tourists. Sanya Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, west coast of Haikou, Lingshui, Clear Water Bay, Ledong Longmu Bay, Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula, Shi Mei Bay, Moon Bay, bay area of the Changjiang pawn high-end hotel sales. According to statistics, during the National Day holiday in Sanya Yalong Bay area open room rate of 75.03%; Haitang Bay area open room rate of 73.92%; Sanya Bay area open room rate of 70.63%; the Great East China Sea area open room rate of 66.81%. Hainan and counties in Western and central driving performance, especially eye-catching Jianfengling, long Mu Bay, pawn Bay and the Five Fingers Group became the most popular self driving tour "". In October 1 to 7, in the province of 35632 vehicles, an increase of 43.03%. Qionghai Tanmen Town, Wenchang Town, Wong Chuk Town, Ding’an Lou Township, Chengmai Fushan Wuzhi landscape full of coffee town and Danzhou light village characteristic style town and village of Haikou City, Wenchang Feng Tong eight Bay Village, North Qionghai and Hulu and rural tourism, tourists in a continuous line, but also brought great benefits to the local the villagers, "highlighting poverty tourism social benefits and economic benefits. September 27th -10 7, by the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission, industry and commerce, price, public security and other departments composed of the comprehensive supervision of the steering group, in-depth inspection and guidance of the city and county (6)相关的主题文章: