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The network ordering method outside? Experts say the interview platform "no earthquake frequent deterrent" problem of network ordering, also can obtain the trust of consumers? September 7th, hungry, U.S., Baidu takeaway 9 online ordering platform by the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau interviews. This is not the first time this year in interviews. In August 10th, Beijing food and Drug Administration interviewed the network ordering platform, the platform to increase the rectification efforts with "the power". In March 15th, around all kinds of shady network ordering platform was exposed, aroused strong social repercussions, the relevant departments have also launched a series of campaigns, Beijing food and Drug Administration and the Tongzhou "hungry" five shop one food processing. "Interview third party, what will you do to him? He can help you with law enforcement? To help you to go to the restaurant to see?" an expert said the long-term study of food regulatory system. Under the "Internet plus" background, the network ordering only by third party blossom everywhere, interviews can really curb undocumented catering supplier? There are concerns that, when ordered from dinner or from an undocumented, unlicensed, no place of business, only a focal Taiwan place, to help you do the dinner and even people may also carry hepatitis or any other infectious disease, what should you do? "Internet plus" under the promotion of the tide, the network consumption pattern presents a variety of forms, which is directly related to the safety of the characteristic of food. But at the beginning of the network catering, but not too much attention. "Now the network catering threshold is too low, as long as a cook, can provide online ordering into a market, but it is much more difficult than the market, because you can’t see it. So, the network platform providers must be fully licensed food store, the main restaurant must comply with the requirements of national laws." The above experts said. "The State implements the licensing system for food production and operation. Engaged in food production, food sales, catering services, shall obtain permission in accordance with the law. This time no matter what, really can not control." In August 14, 2014, Hangzhou media exposure of many undocumented catering small workshops, the flash food network, Amoy little beauty group, hungry, love set meal online meal ordering to attract business, the ordering service website is not in accordance with the review to provide ordering service operators subject qualification, not in accordance with the requirements of public network trading operators the identity of the subject and business license information, the platform itself is imperfect trading rules. At that time someone’s hungry what, the official said, the platform without the business license of all food and beverage business offline, the shelf business accounted for 1/3. In 2016 the "315 party", the reporter through the investigation found that in "hungry" on the site, there is a business address, upload photos of false fictitious entity etc., physical store health is worrying, even some unlicensed black workshop. In August 9, 2016, Beijing a "Baidu takeaway outlets monthly income of 3 million 500 thousand, the use of expired food" reported insider exposure exposure to Beijing network food regulatory loopholes. In August 13, 2016, Shanghai Yishan Road a row of undocumented catering shop is named "hungry, Baidu, the United States" and other network ordering platform business;相关的主题文章: