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The new network reporter visits to the general secretary said "half the quilt" the story – in the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army memorial meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping referred to the touching story of half quilt ". In the long period, Hunan sand village of Rucheng County, for 3 female Red Army in the old Xu Jiexiu home, before leaving, to own only a quilt cut half for the elderly. How does the story of "half bed quilt" happen? What is the story behind it? Here is located in the mountains of the sand village. In early November 1934, the Central Red Army in the Long March, arrived in Rucheng County of Hunan Province Hunan for a rest, a force which entered the sand village. At that time, many villagers have been hiding in the mountains. But we found that the troops and the past will only grab something different in white. Hunan province Rucheng county records office of the deputy director Xu Baolai: after one in the village, some of the things to the people, some saw the door has helped him chopping firewood firewood, some see the bucket no water would help him carry water. At the age of 34 because Xu Jiexiu wrapped feet, and carrying just one year old son, have no time to go far. Seeing this, Xu Jiexiu returned home. Xu Jiexiu’s son Zhu Zhongwu told reporters that he often listened to her mother’s memories, at that time, many Red Army soldiers are in the village under the eaves or clothes and sleep in the yard. See the Red Army so hard, Xu Jiexiu let 3 female Red Army live at home. Xu Jiexiu son Zhu Zhongwu: my mother saw the weather of snow of rain, the clothes are wet, into the room quickly burn water to their feet, take a bath, after cooked water to cook for them to eat. Time has been more than 80 years, the old house has not lived, but three of the bed is still military needlework sons Xu Jiexiu old are retained. Because the family was poor, only paved the bed of straw and broken cotton, the evening of three female Red Army and Xu Jiexiu cover a march by a bed, Xu Jiexiu husband slept at the door of the haystack. During the day, the Red Army soldiers and Xu Jiexiu worked together, said progress truth, but also to help her children, Xu Jiexiu helped cook Red Army soldiers. The Reds have moved out, see Xu Jiexiu home with a decent bed quilt is not a military needlework this quilt scissors to cut open, half quilt to Xu Jiexiu. Xu Jiexiu’s two son, Zhu Zhongxiong, said: "old mother, we have liberated the peace and will come here to see you. 1984, the Economic Daily reporter Luo Kaifu in the long march to walk down the road when interviewed by the old man of Xu Jiexiu, reported the story. Now, Luo Kaifu still have many years ago old Xu Jiexiu left him three things — the female Red Army used tubs, tongs and brazier. "Economic Daily" former deputy editor in chief Luo Kaifu: as a reporter, was cut half the quilt, left the Communist Party and the Red Army left the Communist Party People’s affection, understanding and thinking, is the General Secretary Xi said, is what is called the Communist Party, they already have a quilt, also want to cut under the half to the people who. Draft.相关的主题文章: