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The new Taishan cross-border acquisition of Housing enterprises was the subject of the company for the information loss in Sina Financial News News September 29th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange yesterday evening for the new Taishan reorganization case issued a letter of inquiry, the price of about 2 billion 407 million yuan acquisition of two Nanjing housing prices 100% equity and real capacity somewhere in Nanjing not to improve the company’s financial position made inquiries. It is worth noting that the subject of the transaction, one of the companies in Nanjing Ning century years in a state of loss. In addition, the first half of 2016, a new performance in Taishan fell sharply, the loss of ten million. The new Taishan since March 29, 2016 opening by major asset reorganization to continue the suspension. To September 21st, the company issued "issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transaction plan" announced, intends to 5.70 yuan per share, issued 422 million shares to Nanjing, Huaneng, Huaneng can make, Century City Group issued shares, the acquisition of the three Holdings Ltd., Nanjing Hua Ning Ning Hua Century real estate Co. Ltd. 100% equity and Nanjing City Yanjiang Road No. 201 of real estate, the total price of about 2 billion 407 million yuan. According to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau data show that new Taishan’s main business for power generation, electric wire and cable manufacturing, coal mining and heat supply; NING Hua products have tentatively qualified real estate development, mainly engaged in real estate development business development projects, including the Nanjing shogunate Binjiang Information Port steel trading Cyberport No. 2, No. 3; Nanjing NING Hua century business scope for real estate development, real estate sales, property management. The focus of cross-border acquisitions by the Shenzhen stock exchange. Shenzhen today sent a letter to the requirements from Taishan new energy business development, organizational structure, management team, personnel arrangements and other aspects of the transaction is conducive to improve the assets quality of the listed company, improve the company’s financial position and enhance sustainable profitability. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also can according to the requirements of the new Taishan transaction subject, the subject of the transaction by supplemental disclosure in recent years one of the main financial accounting data and financial indicators, and the main financial indicators (such as inventory turnover, gross margin, net interest rate) the move dramatically causes the necessary supplement. In the case of the national property market is hot, Nanjing property market volume and price rise, real estate is undoubtedly a tempting cake. According to reports, last year, the Nanjing property market continued high fever, prices rose for 18 months. The land market, since January this year, Nanjing has accumulated 25 sites. In response to the overheated market, Nanjing recently introduced a series of regulatory policies. The new Taishan said, after the completion of the reorganization, the company’s main business will increase the real estate development business, diversification will reduce the company’s operating risk, realize the sustained and healthy development of the company, to protect the interests of minority shareholders. But it is worth noting that, from the 2016 interim report, the recent performance of the new Taishan is not ideal. In the first half of 2016, the new Taishan operating income of 1 billion 144 million yuan, down by 23.23%, net profit of -1792.37 million, down by 128.63%. The new Taishan can be attributed to the decline in revenue during the reporting period, the tariff cut, electricity theory相关的主题文章: