The Rich History Of Jerusalem

UnCategorized Whenever we picture the city of Jerusalem in our minds, one of the most prominent features of this beautiful, history laden place is the magnificent building structures that it boasts and the stones they are made from. The city of Jerusalem has been the home to several distinctly different cultures for so many years. It has and still is the home of those of the Jewish culture and the Muslim culture. It is one of the places where Christianity originated. Every year the city of Jerusalem is visited by people from many other cultures besides these and they are from all walks of life. It is visited by so many because it has been a major part of our world for so long and has endured so many tragedies and triumphs and still so proudly stands today. It is possible today for many of us average people who might share a soft spot for this wonderful place to be able to bring a little of that cherished history into our own homes. One of the most popular of the natural stone choices available for decorating homes is Jerusalem Stone. Jerusalem stone is the term that is used for describing the dolomite limestone that is quarried from Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. The Jordon River, The Mediterranean Sea, The Port of Eilat on the Red Sea, The Galilee and Haifa are all the famous places these stones are from. Many people will choose Jerusalem stone simply because of where it comes from never mind how beautiful it is on its own merit. Jerusalem stone is so great to use for so many different home projects. Fireplace surrounds look so naturally elegant to look at. When floors are made from this stone it will remind you of old buildings that have been weather worn and have stood the test of time. In a kitchen it gives an earthy look that works well for countertops and floors. In the bathroom it is used for floors, countertops, bathtub and shower surrounds, even walls. Out of doors it is used for many patio ideas. Walls, paths, walkways, ponds, pool surrounds, building structures, almost anything you might wish to use stone for on the outside. Sure there are plenty of other natural stone products that can be good for all these different things too, but there is one difference, some of the others may be just rocks, but stones from Jerusalem have a historical significance anyone would be proud to have a part of. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: