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The school district room care cancer father guy selling for 8 years: do the new network son do – that night was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in father Zhao Shengli in 2008, Zhao Bin suffered from insomnia. He soon made the decision, and also difficult to take his father to see a doctor, "I want to be my dad’s strong backing." Zhao Bin is the duty of the Xinyi Railway Station in Xuzhou. The father suffering from cancer for 6 years, he has taken care of, filial piety, touched everyone around him, was awarded the "national positive youth" title. At the age of 12 he lost his mother from Zhao Bin by his father with a big hand. In his impression, the father of Zhao Shengli Zhao Bin in the steady low-key, the mother died, one man play the responsibility to take care of the whole family. In 1988, in order to take care of the mother was seriously ill, Zhao Shengli gave up the troops provided the opportunity to apply for the work of the Xuzhou Xinyi railway. When Zhao Bin was a child, he often saw his father holding her grandmother’s hand to chat with her. Grandma is ill in hospital, Zhao Shengli will stay up all night. "Filial piety, to understand filial piety, gratitude." Zhao Bin recalled, his father often talking with him the truth". Until after taking care of the sick father, Zhao Bincai is more aware of these words behind, full of the father for the son of man. Zhao Bin made a decision to take care of his father, like his father, take good care of his father, do a son should do". During Zhao Shengli’s first chemotherapy, his temper became irritable. My father changed his heart, Zhao Bin felt very sad, but ineloquent he did not know how to enlighten the father. By chance, Zhao Bin with the railway’s father talked about work, lying in bed in the blues Zhao Shengli opened the chatterbox, sit up and chatted with Zhao Bin. That is very concerned about the father of the railway business, Zhao Bin often talk with father railway topics, through the "talk therapy" has greatly improved the mental state of the father. Peripheral neuropathy is a common symptom of multiple myeloma, need to regularly massage to promote blood circulation, prevent muscle atrophy. At first, Zhao Bin asked the doctor to go home to his father. After a course of treatment, the father distressed money, refused to accept a special massage treatment. Zhao Bin can not persuade his father, he began to ponder, learning massage techniques. Each value of railway needs to work at night at half past two in the morning to night, Zhao Bin got up at 1, for the first half hour to take over his father massage. The first thing to do when I get home from work is my father. Zhao Bin insisted on 5 times a day to massage his father, this is the insistence of the past 6 years. "One day is one day." Remember the days when his father was seriously ill, Zhao Bin choked back tears, eyes firm, as long as there is hope to." During the treatment, in order to give his father a nutritional supplement, Zhao Bin bursts to the father as his favorite dumplings, each different. Zhao Shengli during the chemotherapy can flow into the food, Zhao Bin bought Soybean Milk machine every night, soak the beans, at 5 in the morning before 6:30 Soybean Milk mill, ensure the father can eat breakfast. 20)相关的主题文章: