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The second is to blame! Husband and wife said the boat turned over? I have written an article on the role of husband in the treatment of IVF babies. The directed in the family suffered a major disturbance events (such as fertility problems, the second problem, man does not play). I think that in a family, for infertility, event, regardless of who should be responsible for the burden of responsibility. A man should have friendship, loyalty, play, otherwise it is not man "". Women also, otherwise called "no woman" husband and wife of the boat is also said to turn over? In April this year, Shandong’s news media have reported that, in order to test tube baby, 47 years old, she knelt crying for a doctor". The details of a 47 year old woman to visit, we told her through the inspection, is not suitable for children, but she still insisted on having children, even at the clinic down, crying for the doctor: "I just want another child, not a child can not have" media reports focus on the child’s hot with no reason. The underlying cause of the incident, is not a child can not live a day". A 47 – year – old rural woman who had no job, but worked at home, had no source of income. Of course, she can cook home at the age of 47, but the same man doesn’t need to go home for dinner; she can care for children, the same helpless is 20 year old child had left home for many years, working outside, in the absence of the next generation, do not need her work. Women can have children, but not all women, at any time can give birth to a child. I do not know when, not too old. She became a useless person, can always get people. As a doctor, powerless to do all this, just feel chest tightness. [Story 2] out of consultation, met a couple of counseling, counseling and fertility problems. The woman is 43 years old, after the lifting of contraceptive measures for infertility in the past 3 years, had been due to intrauterine adhesions had surgery, the recent imaging still indicate signs of intrauterine adhesions. Endocrine tests also showed poor ovarian function. Two couples asked to do ivf. I looked at their medical records, in view of the woman is already old age, uterine cavity environment and ovarian function is not good, it is recommended to give up the AIDS program. Hearing this, the woman looked back in the stands behind the man, could not help tears trickling down cheeks. "I don’t want to have to give birth to him, I really do not want to live, it is too difficult, the doctor said to give up. He doesn’t agree. If I agree to adhere to do the test tube, once not successful, finally have to blame me. I said it would be a divorce, you find someone to health!" The man in the side embarrassed smile. "How many years have you been married?" I asked the man. "18 years." Looked at her medical records, the first child is 17 years old. I looked at the man’s eyes and said: with your 18 years of love, can you put your wife a yard! There is a time limit for a woman’s reproductive age! When she was not too hard, is forcing people. I understand the urgent mood you want them to, at your age and occasion, push wine bazhan, friends may have many people have a second child or being bred in the!相关的主题文章: