The United States battleship captain drunk molested female subordinate sacked News –

Captain, captain of the US Navy’s "Te Kant Roca" class cruiser, has been publicly exposed to alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, female subordinates and private firearms…… The United States of a missile cruiser captain because of various scandals and misconduct, not only was sacked, and facing the end of the military career ending. Brian? Sorensen was a U.S. Navy Te Kant Roca class cruiser "Anzio" Captain in September last year, was relieved of his duties, awaiting the final treatment. The final report of Sorensen’s case in the United States from Virginia to the herald in accordance with the freedom of information act. The 126 page display materials, the investigators identified Sorensen in public drinking, carrying the gun ship to private manufacturing bad working environment, the use of foul language, sexual harassment and abuse of the bus number of female subordinates. Last year, an event at the end of August has become the last straw to ruin his future occupation. At the time, 10 officers had just been promoted. According to the Convention, the promotion officer must come up with new salary a month. The celebration will be in a bar. Sorensen ignored the opposition, insisted on using the official handlebar, he and other officers to the party sent to the bar. Sorensen drank straight from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.. During the party, Sorensen was alone with a woman subordinate to a chair outside the bar. The woman told investigators that Sorensen had asked for sex, and she thought he was joking, and replied, "if you promise, Sorensen has to issue her a" water war officer "badge. Sorensen refused, but continued to harass, and, in a similar tone, asked her to arrive at his cabin in the middle of the night. Sorensen didn’t stop until the other officers thought the two person was alone for a long time. On the way back to the ship, Sauron, continue to foul. However, he said he drank too much and couldn’t remember the night. The disturbed woman said, the next morning, Sorensen called her to the office and put a "don’t disturb" sign on the door. The first sentence said, "if I give you the badge, would you like to go to bed with me?"" After being rejected, Sorensen continued to harass, and finally signed on a qualification letter and gave it to her, asking her not to tell his words and deeds to others. The woman said, "this is not the first sexual harassment by Sorensen.". "He always seems to like to touch me in an inappropriate way, not just on his back. He would rub his knee against me, or touch me as he passed me. I don’t know what to say to him, and I’m worried about his possible response." During the investigation, many other female soldiers also reflected that they had been sexually harassed by Sorensen; some officers and soldiers also reported that Sorensen had repeatedly landed in the port after the warship was drunk. Once, Sorensen put the sergeant pulled themselves out of the possession of the cabin, ask him to drink beer and spirits, in flagrant violation of discipline. The sergeant threw out the beer and confiscated the spirits, but finally gave it back to Sorensen. After the bar incident, Sorensen summoned the officer to meet, admitting he drank too much, and promised not to do it again. But he took it.

美主力战舰舰长酒后调戏女下属被解职-搜狐新闻 美国海军“提康德罗加”级巡洋舰“安齐奥”号 资料   公开酗酒、性骚扰女下属、私带枪械……美国一艘导弹巡洋舰的舰长因多种丑行和违纪行为,不仅被解职,而且面临军队生涯终结的结局。   布赖恩?索伦森曾是美国海军“提康德罗加”级巡洋舰“安齐奥”号的舰长,去年9月被解除职务,正等待最终处理。   美国《弗吉尼亚向导报》依据《信息自由法》,从海军获得索伦森案的最终调查报告。   这份126页的材料显示,调查人员认定索伦森在公共场合饮酒、携带私枪上舰从而制造不良工作氛围、使用污言秽语、性骚扰多名女下属和滥用公车。   去年8月底的一次事件成为断送他职业前程的最后一根稻草。当时,10名军官刚获晋升。按照惯例,升官的军官必须拿出一个月的新增薪水请客。庆祝会定在一个酒吧。索伦森不顾下属反对,执意要求用公务车把他和其他参加聚会的军官送到酒吧。索伦森从晚上6点直喝到深夜11点才离开。   聚会期间,索伦森在酒吧外一张椅子上与一名女下属独处。这名女下属告诉调查人员,索伦森提出性要求,她以为他在开玩笑,就回答道,如果答应,索伦森必须给她颁发一枚“水面作战官”徽章。索伦森拒绝,却继续言语骚扰,还“以类似命令的口吻”,要求她半夜到他的舱室。   直到其他军官认为两人长时间独处不妥,索伦森才停止纠缠。   回舰途中,索伦斯继续污言秽语。然而,他接受调查时称,喝得太多,记不清当晚的情况。   遭骚扰的女下属说,次日上午,索伦森把她叫到办公室并在门外挂上“请勿打扰”的牌子,第一句话就问:“如果我给你徽章,你是不是愿意和我上床?”   被拒绝后,索伦森继续骚扰,最后在一份资历信上签字并交给她,要求她不要把他的言行告诉别人。   这名女下属说,这不是第一次遭索伦森性骚扰。“他似乎总是喜欢以不合适的方式碰我,不仅是拍拍后背这么简单。他会用膝盖蹭我的膝盖,或者经过我身边时碰碰我。我不知道应该怎么向他说这些事,我担心他可能作出的反应。”   调查过程中,其他多名女兵也反映自己曾遭索伦森性骚扰;一些官兵还报告,索伦森先前多次在军舰靠港后上岸喝得酩酊大醉。一次,索伦森把军士长拉到自己的舱室,拿出私藏的啤酒和烈性酒请他喝,公然违反军纪。军士长倒掉啤酒并“没收”烈性酒,不过最终还给了索伦森。   酒吧事件后,索伦森召集军官开会,承认自己喝多了,还允诺不会再犯。不过,他把自己醉酒的责任推给下属,引发大家不满。   调查人员还发现,索伦森未经许可,把两把私人手枪带上战舰,甚至还向其他人展示,问他们是否想买“安齐奥”号巡洋舰的“定制手枪”。   海军第八航母战斗群司令布雷特?巴彻尔德可能会要求一个调查委员会就索伦森是否继续适合留在军中提交建议,最终需海军部长雷?马伯斯拍板。相关的主题文章: