The value of funds 3000 disc is hard to break Bureau-yo te amo

After the money value of 3000 disc is hard to break Bureau reporter Zhang Yi – before the Mid Autumn Festival the continuous callback, A stock market Monday scheduled to usher in a modest rebound, the home appliance sector the most eye-catching performance, showing the white blue chip sector appeal for funds greater. However, only slightly more plate received red, money really important index process still owes dongfeng. Caught in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double, in the face of the stock of capital loss, many uncertain factors and lack of endogenous power up, funds are not in reverse, is difficult to form a joint force, the board 3000 temporarily difficult to break. The value of the main funds moderate upward Monday index opened slightly higher after the shock upstream, at ten in the morning after the start to turn sideways pattern, all day long modest upward, but did not form a strong rise. The main index of all received red, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.77%, to close at 3026.05 points, is still below the average of 60 days; the gem index rose 0.96%, to close at 2165.21 points, or below the average system intensive. Easy to go down to the main index to break up, still need the financial side and the policy side "field force". In the news to stimulate local hot spots under the condition that the funds are not. Wind data show that the net outflow of funds in the two cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen yesterday more than $6 billion 900 million, which is the lowest since September 7th. However, a moderate rise still attract massive capital return, yesterday opened a net outflow of more than 3 billion 800 million yuan, the net inflow from only 316 million yuan. Industry, the 28 industry in the case of the whole line received red, but in addition to household appliances sector, the rest of the sector rose more than 2%. Specifically, household appliances sector rose 2.17%, or leading; leisure services, machinery and equipment, commercial trade and building materials sector rose by 1.95%, respectively, 1.36% and 1.24%, respectively, and 1.25%. So is the concept of plate, the British government received conditional approval of Hinkley point nuclear power project stimulated nuclear nuclear power sector, the strongest performance, up 3.71%; food safety, energy saving and broadband sector rose more than 2%. From the industry trading funds situation, biological medicine, chemical industry, business and leisure service industry from power net inflows ranks, were 153 million yuan, 85 million 890 thousand yuan, 78 million 400 thousand yuan and 73 million 710 thousand yuan. Relatively speaking, non-ferrous metal, electronics, media and computer plates from a net outflow of funds among the top, were 123 million yuan, 105 million yuan, 68 million 940 thousand and 700 yuan and 62 million 691 thousand and 400 yuan. Multi factor control board is difficult to break why the attitude of funds hesitate, it is difficult to form a joint force? Overall, in the cracks of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double festival, the effect of some influence, lack of power, and the market itself in the stock funds gradually lose, external and there are many uncertain factors, common inhibit the enthusiasm of funds. First, the market is currently facing many uncertainties. Societe Generale Securities tips, the Federal Reserve in September, in November and in the three meeting on interest rates in the United States, the United States presidential election, the domestic regulatory tightening, monetary theory,相关的主题文章: