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"Third party" pollution, can ss17 (said) – environmental protection – original title: "third party" (said) with pollution, can only effective supervision, strict punishment, in order to make the third party dare and sewage enterprises "collaboration", and can only rely on their own strength to release pollution "opinions on the implementation of the environment third party pollution control of Hebei Province," to find a way out. Since the beginning of the State Council issued the opinions on the implementation of the third party environmental pollution, there are more than a dozen provinces have introduced such views. It appears that the third party is a good time to deal with environmental pollution. The core of the third party governance of environmental pollution is to "who pollution, who governance" model into "who pollution, who pays, the third party governance". Third party governance, is to allow professional people to do professional things, both to improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also to promote the development of environmental protection industry. However, there is always a gap between theory and practice. The most prominent problem is that the third party in the process of pollution, can not position themselves – "some people eat the mouth is short, with the soft" students into the party always resort to deceit; the environmental problems, some third party refused to recognize, and polluters, mutually making excuses blame. And so on "unclear", the third party governance pond muddy, and public expectations of their duties and orderly "there is still a gap. If laissez faire third party service data fraud, it will lead to bad money to expel good money, corrupt industry credibility. The theory on the logical, setting up the system of careful things, in practice it could easily become a nightmare, because regulators are not in place. Only effective supervision, strict punishment, in order to make the third party dare and sewage enterprises "". Only in this way can urge them to find a way out through practical pollution control. Therefore, the implementation of the views of the Hebei Province issued a clear provision: if the public found that the law can be reported at any time to establish the integrity of the third sides of the environmental pollution control agency files regularly publish blacklist, etc.. Even more gratifying is that such disciplinary measures have been implemented in many places, such as Guangxi, recently on the 15 EIA agencies to be criticized and ordered its deadline for rectification. Such criticism more, blacklist system severely, even after sewage enterprises are induced to pay third party pollution also dare not rush into danger, self destruct. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: