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Business A puppy is much like a newborn baby. A baby will sleep a lot and go to the bathroom almost on a two hour schedule. Puppies are almost virtually the same. They do play, but require much more sleep than owners imagine and need to relieve themselves at least every two hours. Many tips and strategies can be found online on how to potty train a puppy. The most helpful tip is to keep a record in a journal of what the puppy is eating or drinking and when it is eliminating. Recording the type of elimination will prove helpful as well. This journal can be referenced to determine a normal bathroom pattern for the puppy. If a pattern can be identified, this can help an owner develop a schedule of when to take the puppy outside. Another useful tip is to develop and train on basic commands first. This tip is often disregarded by many dog owners, but has been seen to actually work with other dogs. Teaching the puppy basic commands helps the puppy understand and respond to the owner. This is important because the owner will be giving commands in the potty training area. Rewards are a necessary part of how to potty train a puppy. These rewards should be very big rewards when the puppy responds appropriately to the potty training technique. This means with the puppy eliminates itself outside; the puppy is given a big special treat. It may be helpful if this particular treat is the only one of its kind and is reserved especially for potty training. Another tip on how to potty train a puppy is to work on recognizing the puppys cues of needing to go to the bathroom. These cues may be sniffing, walking fast, or some other sign. Every puppy is different but every puppy has a special cue prior to eliminating itself. How to potty train a puppy is a big topic and various methods exist. It is important to research the various methods and find one which works for each individual puppy and owner. About the Author: Jason Macek is Manager of the the greatest dog and puppy training secrets in the world. Get expert dog obedience training tips and tricks from our trainers. Potty train your puppy without any hassle, training your dog was never so easy Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: