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Travel-and-Leisure Tirupati is a sacred land located in Indias Andhra Pradesh. A renowned religious destination, this place has a long-standing reputation of tradition and history. Tirupati was always one of the most pious corners of the globe. Though it has been traditionally visited by thousands of devout Hindus every year from ages, now thanks to Tirupati online booking and specialized Tirupati package, even foreigners and non-Hindus are making a beeline to the place. Best time to visit Tirupati: Facilities of Tirupati online booking and Tirupati package are available throughout the year as time is no hindrance for a soulful Tirupati darshan. But it is said that the Brahmotsavam festival that goes on for 9 days in September is something one shouldnt miss. Reasons why a foreigner should visit Tirupati: While a Tirupati darshan (beholding the sight of Lord Venkateshwara) has always tempted a Hindu pilgrim, there are 3 reasons why a foreigner must visit the sacred place: 1.Spiritual awakening: Even though a foreign tourist, owing to his western upbringing, may not be familiar with the expansive Hindu rituals, a Tirupati darshan will, nevertheless, do wonders to his mind & body. This place holds a fragrance of divine presence, it awakens your spirit and soul, and it helps everyone embark on a fresh voyage that leads to heaven. 2.Visual opulence of Hindu rituals: Tirupati darshan not just makes you realize the significance of spiritualism but the heavily meticulous rites and rituals can leave you spellbound, if not hypnotized. The pujas, aarti, yajna, prasaad, bhajan, and keertan are a feast to the eyes and music to the ears. The rituals are elaborate and rich which shows the level of piousness engendered in the minds of all. The fragrance of sweet-smelling flowers (like the marigold) and the chandan or sandalwood can be seductive and alluring to the senses. 3.Historical importance of the town: Tirupati package and Tirupati online booking, apart from giving you a peek into the world of sages and pilgrims, also bring forth a town that is soaked in history particularly in art and architecture. The entire town of Tirupati is encrusted with hundreds of temples of a number of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. While there are minuscule temples dotted everywhere, the eye-catching mighty monument-sized temples evoke awe in intense amounts. Apart from temples of Lord Venkateshwara, there are those that house idols of other Indian deities like Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and Hanumana. The lofty temples, many of which are centuries-old, reflect the rich Dravidian architecture and have been constructed using both skill and sheer diligence. And finally, there are some handicraft industries like the toy & idol industry which is traditionally rich. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: