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To build a "The Belt and Road", what do education (Education eyes) – Education – "The Belt and Road" strategy is a system engineering of a century, not only marks the beginning of the new national development strategy and diplomatic strategy of China, also put forward new challenges and opportunities for reform and development China education. In the "The Belt and Road" strategy put forward 3 anniversary of the day before, the Ministry of Education issued "the push to build a" The Belt and Road "education action" (hereinafter referred to as the "education action"), is committed to promoting countries along the people connected, and for the realization of policy communication facilities, Unicom, trade flow, financing to provide personnel support. So, under the current situation, China’s education should assume the mission, to promote cooperation in education The Belt and Road along the country’s development with a more active attitude? Where the economy and trade, personnel training on the coverage of where the day of May, Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of life science and technology is filled with exotic, Pakistan Cultural Festival is being held. Delicacy booth, carefully prepared Pakistan overseas arrives home style hospitality lined up between teachers and students; traditional music, dressed in national costumes of young people in Pakistan attracted a lot of Chinese now singing, now dancing, the teachers and students and other foreign students…… I hope more and more young people in Pakistan to study in China, to contribute to the traditional friendship between China and pakistan." Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong introduction, the 2016 to 2017 school year, more than 2000 students from Pakistan China get scholarships, they will go to China to study journalism, agricultural science and technology, civil engineering and other fields. Today, the ancient Silk Road, coruscate new vitality and vigor. "The Belt and Road" East Asia Pacific Economic Circle, the West European economic circle, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, connected along the South and West Asia and East africa. In the process of creating political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural inclusion of the interests of the community, the community and the responsibility of the community in the process of community, education bears a unique mission. At present, China has become the world’s largest overseas export country in Asia and important to study in the country of destination, "The Belt and Road" the implementation of the strategy, it provides a good opportunity to promote regional education, open exchange and fusion. "Under the new situation of education how to adapt to the new situation and seize the opportunity, new mission and new requirements for the" The Belt and Road ‘proposed construction is an important task in front of us." Qu Zhenyuan, President of China Association of higher education. It is understood that, at present, promote the construction of "The Belt and Road" education action, 100 major projects have been included in the 2016 in China to promote the "The Belt and Road construction work arrangements and the" 13th Five-Year plan "to implement the. Recently issued the "education action", it will focus on "The Belt and Road" key to build policy communication facilities, Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected, is committed to promote the people connected, at the same time to provide personnel support for the other "four links". "We strive to achieve trade where education project will extend to where, education training is where coverage; and strive to promote the development of education and economic and trade cooperation between the two cars, racing together bridle to bridle, become)相关的主题文章: