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U.S. media: Hongkong as a lifelong fire reminders cram into the new year star teacher net millions – in reference news network November 13th U.S. media reported that the entrance of modern education in Hongkong opened the tutoring center looks like a cinema hall, packed the school class of teenagers. But the girls on the wall is not a movie star, but cram school teacher. According to the United States, New York Times website reported on November 10th, and schools here, like Hongkong’s pro forma business increasingly fierce competition. In order to compete for the market, the tutorial centers such as modern education have turned their employees into celebrities, putting their names and images on the city’s buses, subways and billboards. "Some remedial action has existed since the school," said Bei Lei, a professor of comparative education at University of Hong Kong. "But what’s interesting is that in Hongkong, the star tutors have found a way to work in the industry and mass production." Reported that Hongkong high school students had to take part in the two major standardized tests. But in 2009, the education department will simplify it as a test, this move should be to alleviate the burden on students, the ability to promote "all-round development and lifelong learning". However, when the students’ future depends on the only important exam, the pro forma business is booming. According to the Hongkong Bureau of education statistics, there are about 2600 private schools in Hongkong to provide informal courses, which will include cram schools, the number of local primary and secondary schools is two times. According to a spokesman for the modern education, only one company, there are more than and 50 tutorial centers and more than 1 million (Hong Kong dollars, the same below – Ben note) advertising budget. Reported that this star system brings considerable profits. Antonia, a tutor at modern education, estimates that over the past 10 years, she has taught more than 100 thousand students and says some of the company’s most popular tutors can earn millions of dollars a year. But she said she didn’t think she was a celebrity because she had too many photos on the bus. "Only my students can recognize me," he said, "so it’s not very awkward."  相关的主题文章: